Wheels for VEX Robotics Kit?

While I can buy the VEX Wheel Kit, are there other wheels that can be used with the Vex Robotics Kit? I would like 5-inch wheels with rubber tires that look like car wheels and tires.

RadioShack should have it, or be able to tell you the places on the Web you can get it.

Radio shack sells a Wheel kit which has the 2", the 4", and the 5" wheels. They also sell omni wheels which can allow you to move in any direction with the proper calculations.
Those two links on vex-labs which is a great place to buy vex parts online. Radio shack also sells those kits at their stores.

I meant the wheels NOT sold by VEX Labs or Radio Shack that can be used on the VEX robots. For example, wheels and casters from a hardware store.

Yes, you can do that. All you would need to do is bolt a plate to the back of the wheel, and put screws through this and into the plastic hub of the wheel. (This is because most RC Car wheels don’t have the same 1/8" Square Shaft hole in them that the Vex kits do.) Our team did this last year on a EDUbot we built.

http://www.team228.org/index/blockblitz/tournament%20images/DVC00519.JPG http://www.team228.org/index/blockblitz/tournament%20images/DVC00510.JPG