Wheels Needed

We have designed our base to use 5/8" shaft, but are having trouble finding good wheels for them. We’ve looked at skyway, but we’d really prefer to use a solution with conveyer belt material. If any team has a suggestion on where to buy them, or 6 7" or 8" wheels lying around that they’d be willing to sell, drop me a line.

We’ve taken the 6" Skyway wheels included in the kit and just screwed 1" roughtop conveyor tread on them, and glued it down. They appear to work quite well, and I imagine it would be easy to simply do that for the 8" wheels included in the kit. the only problems i forsee are that they might not be wide enough for your purposes, and i don’t know if you can get 5/8" bearings for them.

Alternately, IFI sells 6" and 8" traction wheels, however they are only available in 1/2" and 3/8" bore. I imagine modification would be easier on these than on the skyways wheels though.

What you are looking for is certainly not an easy find. Can you take 1/2" axle? What diameter do you need? Does it need to be a live or dead axle?

Does anyone know any wheels that can fit to a 5/16 shaft, metal hub, and rubber on the outer ends?

One solution might be to use these:

MSC part number: 35375278
Oil impregnated bronze bushings.
they are 3/4" OD 5/8" ID and cost $.42 each.
then just set them into the hubs on the stock wheel chair wheels and put them onto your shafts.

Just make sure your shaft is something other than bronze.
Steel would be best. You might want to help them out a bit with some light oil.


you could make your wheels, thats what we did.
here is the best picure of last years wheels i could find, this year they are allmost identical.

Yes, but that depends a lot on resources. Some teams don’t have access to anything (mill or CNC) that would allow them to do that. If you’ve got the resources however, go for it. make them either keyed or able to fit a bearing of the size you want and you’re good to go

We use Go-Kart wheels (Azusalite 4"), with Go-kart tires (8") and tubes made by Azuza Engineering.

Takes 5/8" shaft, light aluminum sprockets. Available at local go-kart shops; http://www.azusaeng.com/. Call them; they are very helpful.

Ceal Craig
Industry Coach, Team 1120

The wheelchair wheels that Skyway gave us years ago have 5/16" ID bearings. If you don’t have any, ask another team that’s been around for awhile if they can give you some.

Over the years I’ve come to the realization that there are not all that many wheels with keyway (or ready for keyway) bores out there on the market. If it’s something specific that you want, you’ll have to make it yourself. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find something that fits what you are doing, but it is fairly common to have to manufacture a solution (at least hubs) yourself.