Wheels or track

****I was wondering if I could get a tally of wheels or tracks. Not what kind wether it be omnitreads or 6 wheel just if you are going with wheels or tracks.:]

Tracks break too much. Wheels are the way to go and you can turn better with them.

I am personally against tracks because they come off too easy and they are harder to turn with. (I would start a poll for this one)

This year weve decided against tracks (5 years running now) because for good tracks you pretty much have to overdesign every aspect, which is very time-consuming. Instead were focussing on the tube manipulator.

tracks are heavier and the manuverability isnt very good. we’re using wheels.

Tracks, we obviously found something that works because we don’t break treads.

I think both work but wheels are much better.

They turn a lot better, they push, and they are a lot easier (I think) to assemble and maintain.

But, then again, it is your own opinion. :slight_smile:

both track and wheels have their advantages but since this years arena is on carpet tracktion is no longer the BIGGEST issue so i’m sticking with wheels

Wheels are easier when manuevering around, which is going to be a key part of this year’s game.