What are the Benefits of having slick wheels over sticky wheels?

The only reason I can see that you’d want slick wheels for this game, is to use two of them on a long wheelbase 4WD robot, so it is reasonably easy to steer it.

I can think of better solutions, mostly involving the use of more wheels, and aranging them in a clever way.

Traction is a good thing. Turning ability is a good thing. Finding the right compromise might take some experimentation.

I Agree. Sticky wheels so far just seem like the obvious Choice. I just want to find someone who is chosing to use slick and find out why so i get a better picture of both sides.

:cool: ***2389 ***decide to go with sticky wheels because it has more pros than cons compared to slick wheels.:cool:

my thoughts exactly…

slick wheels are good for a robot that is chattering when it turns…

It would still be MUCH better to design a robot that doesn’t rely on slick wheels to turn, especially in a year like this when TRACTION IS KEY…

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you’re missing an option :slight_smile:
what about mechanums or omnis?