When are the West Coast teams heading to nats

Yo, wuts up everyone. I was just talking to a friend about nationals and our plans for when we are leaving and stuff, i just wanted to know what teams on the West Coast were leaving when, from LAX? Maybe we will be on the same plane, or prbly not because our team is CRAZY. We are leaving wednesday night at 10:30pm…(hence the night) and going straight to the competition once we arrive in Atalanta, when is everyone else heading up there?..or down there…lol, u know what i mean. :stuck_out_tongue:

We are taking a nice redeye tomorow night from LAX and getting there, obviously, in the morning. Why are you guys leaving so late?

I would assume so that they can save the cost of a hotel weds. night.

In 2002 we flew out of San Jose at 10:30 to Atlanta, then to Orlando, but on Tuesday night.

That really sucked. I think half the team was sick or ready to pass out from exhaustion by the time we reached the hotel after seeing KSC Weds.

This year thankfully we’re leaving at a reasonable time Wednesday. It costs just as much as leaving late, so hey, why not :slight_smile:


we fly out of san Jose at 11:50 tomorrow (Tuesday Morning). That means we have all of wednesdy to adjust to the time zone difference.

yeah our team is leaving from LAX tomorrow at 10:30am (Tuesday Morning).
so that we will have all of wendsday to explor the ATL

I will by flying out on Wednesday morning early, 7:50 flight out of SFO, and get to Atlanta by 3. Hopefully make the volunteer dinner at 5:30.

Going to be staying at the Hyatt Regency until Sunday morning. Still need to figure out how to get from airport to the Hyatt and the Hyatt to the venue, but I will have to figure it out.

Can’t wait to see the west coast teams there!

That makes sense.

Team 812 is going to be flying out of San Diego in two periods. One group is going to be leaving at 9:30 on Wednesday morning, and my group is going at 12:00, 2 1/2 hours later. We have two groups due to last minute funding. However only 12 kids are going…

Hey, Is anyone leaving from SFO around three-ish. A few of our team members are, and it’d be interesting to meet some other robotics travellers.

Our team is leaving at 11:25 on Tuesday from Seattle for the same reson, and are staying at the Super 8 motel. And I would like to thank your team for helping us with welds during last year’s San Jose Regional.

Team 1212 from Chandler, AZ is heading out early Wednesday morning from Sky Harbor on Am West. Give us a PM if you’re flying AmWest and stopping in Phoenix ;p We’ll be at our hotel near the airport (Embassy) by mid afternoon.

my team is taking a cool 10:30 p.m. red eye out of San Jose. :ahh:

I neglected to actually answer the topic of this thread with my original post…

We’re leaving SFO Wednesday on a direct flight to ATL at 10 something AM on Flight 1922 with Delta (We’re with GRT again, I believe. Should be fun :D)


Our school ahs issues with us missing school as well as saving money, (answer as to why we are leaving so late), and hey. no big deal, we will sleep on the plane…well, we intend to, dunno if it will actually happen. lol, Party on the Delta Blue!

Sleep…Planes…For some of us it just doesn’t work. Oh well, I’m sure the adrenaline rush will kick in soon enough. I’ll bring my AP Euro homework (3.5 weeks, yikes).

Team 498 is leaving Phoenix at like 8:08am AZ time and arrive in Atlanta at like 2:30pm GA time

Are you guys flying Am West? Half of our team is leaving on a flight that leaves at 8. Myself and a few others leave at 9. We’ll all be at the airport around 6. Let’s start the party early :slight_smile:

team 842 will be leaving wed. from phoenix at 8:05 from Am west. we are flying Delta and should get there around 11-12 ish.

1151 and 481 are leaving from San Francisco tonight at 9:45 on Delta 2148, arriving tomorrow morning at 5:07. 4:22 of sleep, max. I think I’ll go take a nap now…

I leave out of LAX at 10:55 AM tomorrow (Wednesday) on United. I was tempted to take a red-eye late at night but decided that it just wouldn’t be worth the effort (it’s definitely worth it now that I made up the time I’ll miss at work on Wednesday).