When are volunteer assignments distributed?

I applied to volunteer at the SBPLI Long Island regional for the first time. I know that my application was received and accepted. When are volunteer assignments typically distributed?

It depends on the volunteer coordinator for the regional, everyone’s is different.

If you don’t hear anything soon, perhaps try contacting the regional director for Long Island, listed on the FIRST website.

Soon I hope! I’ve been trying to get in touch w/ the Volunteer Coordinator w/ no success. I’ll try again Mid-Week.

FWIW last year they contacted me about 2 weeks prior to the LI Regional. I’m figuring they’ll get the word out late this week.

anyone receive their assignment yet?

Has anyone been able to contact the SBPLI regional volunteer coordinator?

I emailed her the other day. No response just yet. But then again all I was asking her was what time the field will be setup and if I was on her list as a one of the many lead roles and who was under my command if any.