When are you placing your spoilers? (Poll)

When do you think you will bring out your ringer?

at the last 30 seconds because that gives the other allience less time to move it especially if the are yousing ramps ecause the ramps will slow them down

The last 30 seconds would make the most sense because most of the ringers if any will be on the rack by then, and you can find the best place to cancel out a row/column and also a good percentage of teams will be rushing to their home zone by then, so why not?

Anytime during the game we will use the spoilers our bot is offense and defense. If you have a row of 8 then you might not want to bring spoilers out at all because some bots should be able to take spoilers off of there scores and put it on to youre’s ruining your row.

Why not place them at the end when everyone else is trying to race to the homezone and lift or be lifted? Then it’s an open field.

Some teams might do that also. SO maybe it could be difficult!!!

I think it’s best to place the spoilers at the last 30 sec. of the game so the opposing alliance won’t have a lot of time to react and get the bonus pionts.

Yeah thats true.

I don’t think the spoilers will see much action until the last minute-30 seconds. Placing a spoiler at any time before that mark just wouldn’t be the best idea. When you have a lot of time the best thing to do is to get (your color) ringers onto the spiderlegs. This way by the end of the game you have a lot of spider legs “controled.” The spoilers can always be taken off so I suspect that spoiler playing is going to be reserved for endgame.

I think they might come out during the middle espically the teams who are trying to get the extra 15-30 points at the end!

That’s true, but if you put out the spoilers at the end and ruin their chance of getting high scores, to react they would have to drop others off, losing valueable points, while we’re stacking up to get bonus points!

Yeah Thats true and would work for the teams who are going for the points but what about the alliances that can’t do that would you have a different stragergy?

My tactic would to place it at the beginning of the match only if you are ahead in points. The idea is to place the spoilers and then cover then with a ringer, so that the spoiler cannot be removed. That assures that your opponent cannot use the spoilers at the end of the match to break up your rows and columns which you worked so hard to score and defend. Remember, if your ringer is over a spoiler not only can the spoiler not be removed, the ringer on top counts for points. Spoilers are your friend if you’re losing but your enemy if you’re winning.

That is very true and a good idea but that would be a waste of a spoiler isn’t it?

At best you could garuntee yourself 2 ringers, it seems you would be better off leaving your spoilers off the field and instead scoring more ringers.

My opinion is that it doesn’t makes sense to use them any time other than the end, how can you strategically break up the other alliances rows if they haven’t had time to score them?

Yes, but it still prevents your enemy from using it. And unless I have read the rules wrong, it seems to me that if you need the spoiler, you can take your ringer off, move the spoiler to a better position, and replace the ringer.

It depends on your robot, if your robot can lift teammates up at the end then go for the extra 15 points but at the end of the game or the last 15 seconds anyways teams arn’t alould to go to their opponets homebase side, I read… So you can’t intefere with the lifting the robot up part so it’ll be hard to put a spoiler on if the opposite side your not alould to go on!!!

But you can get any on your side!:cool:

I have a question for all of you that reply with you will be puttin spoilers in the last 30 seconds.

Will you guys be trying to get back to the homezone and lifted? Are you gong to be playing defense?

One thing for Defense in the Rules they state in the lats 15 seconds you are not alould to go to opponet’s homezone, so you really couldn’t play defense in the last 30 seconds and for the lifting part some teams might go for the extra 15, 30 points or the team might place Spoilers you’ll never know till compitition.