When did Nasa hire a poet?!

from todays news:

"As they opened separately
like accordion window blinds,
the solar wings looked like cosmic blankets of gold bars
in the reflection of an orbital sunrise."

The space station is under construction again (after many years), and it looks like things are going well (except for dropping all those nuts and bolts yesterday - I will never complain about having to drive all the way to Home Depot for a bolt again!"


LOL… that’s awesome. If Dave wrote that… it could be a game hint… but it doesn’t sounds like something Dave wrote, it doesn’t have “that’s pimp” in it.

NASA has hired many poets. :slight_smile: They just dont always show off their awesome skills. if you want to read something really awesome from a NASA Poet, read Riding Rockets, an autobiography written by Astronaut Mike Mullane. :slight_smile: A word of caution though: he’s very blunt about certain controversial subjects. But all in all, he’s a great author.