When did the design of the AndyMark 6in Performance wheel change?

At the beginning of build season I downloaded an STP file & a PDF, we got the wheels in & the wheels were different (flush mounting surface on one side)

When did the design change?

Not a huge problem, I just needed to design an extra spacer to make up for a bad version (originally downloaded part). >_<

Yeah, I discovered this myself. Luckily, the fix in fact improved the design.

To fix the Andy Mark CAD, I simply cut off the hub and the inside face to make the dimensions like they are in real life.

Some time between last year and this year…we have last year’s wheels, they don’t look like the pic on the AM web page.

This is becoming a larger issue than originally thought. Thought I could fix the new wheel design using some simple spacers.

The wheel widths from mounting surface to mounting surface are less than they used to be so remaking spacers to meet the old downloaded design is becoming frustrating. :frowning:

We had the same issue, but were lucky enough to modify our spacer layout and make it work.

Be happy you have them. We haven’t been able to order them due to supply issues :frowning: