When did you finish your robot? (if at all :)

I voted for the day of shipping. :stuck_out_tongue:


Theres no option for “we didnt finish” so I just checked “we were suppposed to have built a robot?”. We sort of finished, but the robot still needs several more hours of work, and I will have to manufacture and attach a mount for the camera in the pits too… Should be fun.

We “finished” the on Sunday the day before ship but were still bolting on parts Monday hours before Fedex arrived.

The robot was playing happily on our practice field in the gym on February 12. We then spent the next week tweaking (a lot), reducing weight, making spare parts, testing autonomous, and finishing odds and ends. Going with a full CAD model before construction really speeds things along.

I’m think we “finished” our robot an hour or so before DoD started. Of course our robot is never really finished.

hmmm in relation to ship date? …Negative 5 days

it’s never finished…always tweaking to be done…

she is right… there is always something to work on… on these FIRST robots. But, We finished on Sunday. The drivers drove around sunday and monday, so they had some practice.

Me: Jim, mechanical team is bored. BREAK THE ROBOT, so we can do something.


We “finished” a week before ship, did some tweaking, practiced a bit with it, then unintentionally broke it (twice!) and were working on it until Saturday before ship.

We didn’t finish by the deadline, unfortunately. We’ve been working full days this week to get it done so we can hopefully slip it in the day of the regional. Hopefully no one will notice.


There was an on-going joke on my team that we should fill our crate with parts from the KOP and an assortment of tools so that when we arrive Thursday we would go around and ask teams what the challenge is, what FIRST is, and generaly act surprised that the robot needed to built before hand. That would have been fun if our mentors had not insisted on not wasting $5000+ just to be silly.

According to the mechanical teams, our robot was “done” 2 weeks ago. The programmers didn’t actually get to do anything untill Friday, which was about 9 days after we were supposed to get it. Things kept breaking so we didn’t actually get to drive it untill monday around 11 pm.

We pretty much finished at 2:22 PM on Ship Day, when the FedEx truck arrived. There are a few more holes to be drilled and a bit more work to be done when we get to comp, but we are more or less done.

we “finished” sunday did excessive tweaking monday and shipped tuesday

We were scrambling to finish right up to the deadline.

We happened to have the week of the ship date off for Winter break so we spent 12+ hours at school on Monday, and got there the next morning to keep working. FedEx came around 1 and we had to turn him away. 5 minutes later our mentor got a call from the FedEx offices asking why weren’t ready :rolleyes:

The FedEx guy came back nearly 3 hours later, and we still had to make him wait another 20 minutes. Luckly we were his last pickup of the day.

A couple of our builders who intern at our mentor (Georgia Tech) finished it about an hour before ship time. It was so down to the line that I made a bet that it hadn’t been finished and lost $10 -_-.

Seems like alot of common issues everyyear. We’ve had our robot mechanically done in the first 1.5 weeks but then somehow the electrical/software always gets delayed somehow and I don’t even know why… More continuous improvement. I’m relearning everything at this point just to try to understand why things are not delivered as expected. Maybe that’s why I’m a systems engineer - I do alittle of everything.

We finished our robot a week before the dead line… Oh yeah we also had like 30 inches of snow to force us to miss a week of build… So we did ours in 4 weeks technically… There is just a few programming things to be done with the camera but it runs alright… I mean we managed to win the Conneticutt Scrimmage with two other great teams… :0P but normally our team finishes like the day of if at all… haha… finally a year where we finish… or come really close to it…

guess our team is the oddball out. We set a massive goal to build a three week robot and mostly accomplished it. It gave a great amount of time for tweaking, autonomy programming, and practicing all before ship.

Whats your definition of finished?

Sure, our robot’s mechanical features are done, but there still needs to be alot of code modifications. In my book, we are still not done.