When Did You Finish Your Robot

I was wonduring when other teams finished building the main stuff on their robot,(not fix up stuff and repairs, etc.).

We were working on our robot almost to the last day

Team 766 conducted our first full test at 9pm on the night before ship day, and an hour later the robot was out the door. We usually try to finish the day before we have to ship in order to leave a buffer, but it’s seldom much before.

The only year that I recall as having finished the robot before Ship Date I wasn’t here, and that would be 2005, when 766 won Archimedes. And since 2006 we’ve never gotten to play full-team Poofball Dodgeball again, in almost total darkness.

Whats this “finish” you keep saying?
On their own, all of our systems work, and we’ve narrowed our pre-ship problems down to faulty wiring on our OI board, should be a quick fix Thursday at SV, then we should be good to go. I do have to say though, we’ve finished more of the robot before shipping then we have in past years Ive been on the team.

For the first time ever team 1480, Robotos Locos, met their goal of getting the robot done and tested 4 weeks into the build. Of course these things are never done. There’s always things to make better. But it was nice to be able to test and have lots of time for our drivers to practice and identify weak spots in the design.

yeah we were wanting to have most of our designs built and operational so we can start testing stuff for the last 2 weeks instead of the last half week to week

Last year was Team 288’s first year we actually drove the robot before shipping it. This year we finished the practice robot in week 2 and the final robot in week 4.5 so we were a half of a week behind our schedule…but we had 5 snow days so it was pretty good.

So we got to test code and have driver tryouts and practice for 8 days


Robot finished? It’s never finished, but it was working when it went into the crate.

Haha yea, we were still working half an hour before it had to go. Luckily, all that is left are programming problems, which means my job is (hopefully) done on the finishing part.

9:00pm the day before ship, though we do have some minor fix ups to take care of.

We finished on Feb 12 or 13. Then finished again late Sat the 16th. On Sunday it was all apart again - I’m not sure if it did get put together until Monday the 18th. Then more finishing on Tuesday before ship. Oh yeah, we’ve got some work to do on Thursday morning of competition.

IMO, a robot is never finished (especially ours). It can always be redone and improved.

We redid a few parts this week, but we got about 3 days of testing in before we shipped. We just have to swap out some parts at Portland tomorrow. (TOMORROW!?!:eek: )

Obviously you have not seen our video “Never Done” here…

We had to finish the robot?!?!?! :ahh:

I thought we just had to ship one. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah… “finished” is a subjective term anyways. :yikes:

4:30 am on the Last day. :stuck_out_tongue:

We were mechanically finished a day or two before shipped.

Our robot will be finished after IRI.

But seriously

This is the first year that I have been on the team that we have shipped a robot that does every function well and doesn’t need major work on Thursday. I am really pleased with the team this year.

Some auton work and a little tweaking and we are good-to-go with a minor weight problem :slight_smile:

We had our robot controlled by the joysticks after only two weeks of getting it, not bad for a first-year team. We were able to spend the next 4 weeks adding a lifting arm, testing out a front U-shaped arm, rewriring, and changing the code.

We had something that we were proud of by Feb. 16 so we could test it out in a skirmish we held against some other local teams.

Team 1535’s robot was finished but after we weighed Sir Jimmy (our robot), he was 4 lbs overweight… SO we are but we are not finished at the same time? If that makes any sense…

finished is a a very interpretable term. My team was able to ship a working machine that only needs a few things to get replaced ( there was a bad solenoid) , but is the robot really ever done? Like hey, lets try this program , or hey lets try this gear.

I belive that the robot is never done that it just evolves less rapidly