When do Atlanta webcasts start?

When do the Atlanta webcasts start? will they be showing the pit area with the showcase on?

It looks like they have a camera on FLL. If they do, the FLL starts at 8:20, not sure if camera will be up then or not. FRC start practice at 9:30. It looks like they plan on covering the practice rounds. None of these are for sure. Just the times that events start on field where it looks like they have cameras. Can’t wait!

EDIT: I am keeping a Windows Media on Newton minimzed with the volume turned up and doing other things. Hopefully when they start, I will get a reminder via sound.

LEGO and FTC have started, i dont know about the others

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i want to see FTC showcase not practice matches :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :mad:

Curie has started.

hmm it seems only a few of the webcasts are showing matches now, newton and archimedes are on the sponsor slides.

is it just me or does this soundtrack suck?

Yo guys,

I guess the time there is about, 10am right? Does anyone know where the competition schedule is, like what time official matches start, and the order which the teams are playing?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Tip for those watching or about to start watching: the realmedia feed (at least on galileo) is 250kbps with 320x240 video, while the windows feed is about 40kbps with 160x120 video. So if you start the wmv feed and the quality makes you sad, you can use the realmedia stream instead.

Mine’s 320 x 240 at 331 Kbps 4:3 ratio

Audio: Windows Media Audio 9.1
10 kbps, 16 kHz, mono 1-pass CBR

Video: Windows Media Video 9

Davinci field for FTC.

Man I got to stay up till 5am to see actual matches :S I’m in a region where its +8 GMT here :frowning:

Edit: Any discussion thread for users who are watching FTC right now?

That’s bizarre. If I open the same stream in windows media player classic, it’s super tiny (and consumes a proportionally small amount of bandwidth). In windows media player (wmplayer.exe), it’s huge and beautiful, and obviously takes up 8x the bandwidth. So the server must be actively choosing streams depending on the client application.

Here’s discussion: 1281’s FTC team (478, IIRC) just missed a match :(.
Is it practice day today? I can’t seem to find much info on FIRST’s site (match schedules/results) about FTC like I can with FRC.


Never really used classic, after all the latest one I’m using is pretty slim already. No skins, thin borders, basic buttons!

Its practice till noon, Then Qualifiers from 1pm to 5pm. The schedule is one of the PDFs on the schedule site… the link that was posted above.

ahhhhhhhh!!! :ahh: :ahh: no video on FTC!! when are they showcasing the new kit