When Do Meetings Start for Your Team?

Our high school is an eastern high school, so the schoolyear starts on the first week of September. But our team doesn’t actually start meeting until at least a month after that.

How is it for your team? What month do you start school, and do you start meeting as soon as school starts? If not, when does your team start meeting?

Our meetings officially start only a week or two after school starts… which means, pretty soon! I guess it’s time for us to figure out what we’ll be doing this fall…

School starts the 5th. We have some mentor-officer only meetings about 3 weeks in, after 2 or 3 weeks of those we start having full team meetings again. (This will be my first year year from the beginning of the year, this is how it was explained to me.)

We have Leadership meetings and all team meetings periodically throughout the summer. When school starts, this week, we will typically have an all team meeting for returning students to discuss recruiting, which occurs during September. We have already scheduled 3 days a week through November starting the first week of October for Fall training.

Our team has been meeting off and on all summer. We will begin having regular meetings again as soon as school starts. Hosting an offseason in October means we have to hit the ground running as soon as school starts the first week of September to make sure everyone is back and on the same page.

We’re goofy. We just started a “balanced calendar” schedule - our first day of school was July 31st. (we get 2 weeks off for fall and spring breaks; our school year ends on May 31.)

We just had our callout this past Wednesday. We’ll meet Wednesday evenings during the offseason, when school is in session.
Our first project is building a float for the homecoming parade, on September 14th.

We don’t have a start date - our team meets every Wednesday throughout the year, including summer. The only Wendesdays we don’t meet are the two over Christmas, the one over Thanksgiving, and the first Wednesday after our last competition of the year (usually).

Ours started in the summer of 2008 when we implemented a year round program.
With VEX and FIRST, there really is no “start” and “end” date.:slight_smile:

The school year here start on the 27th of this month, that week the veteran team meets without the mentors present, then either the second or third week will have our meeting with the veteran team, mentors and new members and discuss what the team plans to do to prepare the new kids for the chaotic and fun 2013 FRC season,

Team 1208 has started this week, our second week of school.

The core group of members who have a real passion for robotics meet year round. The business-centric members only meet a couple times over the summer to review and revise the business plan, bylaws, and update other items. The team-at-large attends multiple demos over the off-season months.

The actual “go complete” team meetings start at our Christmas party where we elect our team leaders for the year.

As soon as possible, after school starts. We have a veteran-member only meeting first to bring them up to speed, and then an open meeting the next week.

It depends on how you define “meeting”.

But 1405 has been meeting all summer long (I jumped in sometime during mid/late July). But from what I understand, the meetings have been going on since a few weeks after Finger Lakes.

We start our pre season meeting in late October one week before the Rah Cha Cha Ruckus to get the new students acclimated to the robots program and get the returning students back online with the team.

We meet at least weekly year-round.

We had our introduction/new member meeting yesterday the second week of school. But we have been meeting 4-5 days a week since Nov 2011.

err…T plus three years? We’ve been year-round since about 2009 (rarely breaking completely for even a few weeks).

The meetings stopped?!

We kept staging meetings about once a week all summer long to work on things. Actually gained a member that way (win!), but most of our newbies will enter in the next few weeks.

Same here! Looks like we’ll being doing FLL again this year, and also participating in the VEX competition.

Our team has a pretty good set up for starting up the program and bringing it in sync with school, and it usually happens in the first 1-3 weeks of school starting.

The goal in the first 1-3 weeks is to get the rookies in. There are been emails flying around about plans for the fall VEX event and off-season FRC events, but until the rookies get in, there’s not too much to do.

The first meeting is the veterans meeting (1-2 weeks). Returning veterans are asked to come to a meeting where the goal is simply to work off the summer social rust, let the summer high-fives settle, and get people on the same page as far as the rookie presentation and general season guidelines.

The second meeting is the rookie meeting (held one week after veterans meeting). New members and a select number of veterans are asked to put on a show for the new members, at which point new members are fed with information.

After the rookie meeting, the team settles into a routine. The VEX teams are formed and everyone focuses on that until competition.

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