When do you become an alumni?

When do you “officially” become an alumni of your team? When you graduate? After your team’s end of the year party/banquet? After your last competition you attend and are still willing to say “I’m with team (fill in team name/number here).” I was just curious, seeing as I’m now wondering whether I’m alumni of my team or not. I would say yes, seeing as we have no more competitions/meetings this year and I’ll be attending college 4/5 hours away in the fall.

(no, i don’t have a tendancy to ramble…never…)

Angela :slight_smile:

I’m an alumni of Buzz… and because we were so active all year round, I was officially on the team until I graduated in June of 2002. Although, that summer after I graduated High School was kind of fuzzy. I felt like I was on two teams, but then I felt like I was on no team at all. It was 4 months of FIRST withdrawl because I didn’t know where I belonged… but that changed when I moved to college.

I didn’t feel like I’ve truely become a separated alumni of Buzz until I started my participation on the NU-TRONS in September. Perhaps that’s how it works, you REALLY become an alumni when you’ved moved along to a new location or a new team.

But your oldest team will always remain as part of you…



My feeling is that you become ‘alumni’ when you respectfully leave (graduate from) the team.

A mentor really isn’t alumni, because they are still part of the team. Once you are gone, and gone for good, you are alumni.

I don’t really feel I am “alumni” of team 247, even though I was with them for three years. We had a rough seperation, and I didn’t leave on good terms. However, if I so choose to not be a part of team 470 for the 2004 season (which I’m debating still) it would be a good terms split, therefore I think I would have alumni status.

Im not calling myself an alumnist until after the IRI

Well, I personally feel that I officially became and alumnus after our end of the year banquet. Myself and the other “president” of the club closed out the banquet with one of those teary-eyed speeches that chokes everyone up, and I definitely feel that it was a good closing point. Although we had two other events following the banquet, I still feel that I was participating in them as an alumnus. Although I’ll be with another team next year, I will always be a “Demo Girl.” It’s a lot like high school. Although you graduate from high school, it does’t necessarily mean that you completely close yourself off from it in the future (ie: reunions, keeping in touch with your friends and teachers, coming back to visit, etc.). You also know you’re an alumnus when it hits you all of a sudden and you realize it’s over :frowning:

From Dictionary.com:

Usage Note: Alumnus and alumna both come from Latin and preserve Latin plurals. Alumnus is a masculine noun whose plural is alumni, and alumna is a feminine noun whose plural is alumnae. Coeducational institutions usually use alumni for graduates of both sexes. But those who object to masculine forms in such cases may prefer the phrase alumni and alumnae or the form alumnae/i, which is the choice of many women’s colleges that have begun to admit men.

So, Angela may or may not be an alumna of S.P.A.M. Erin and Randi are alumnae of their respective teams. D.J. will be an alumnus after IRI, and they will all be alumni (or alumnae/i :rolleyes: bleah! I prefer alumni.) But if you’re lazy, and still want to be at least marginally correct, you can just call them all alums.

I was waiting for someone to correct the proper usage. (Btw, on 691’s webpage we have it all correct: See Student Opinions )

Anyway, as you look on the left, I consider myself part of the alumni because I do go to school 1/2 hour away from my team and didn’t really have time to go back during the build season. I was there at one of their scrimmages but was working staff but I did help in the pit area at LA. Thus, I didn’t constitute myself doing enough to be considered a mentor but with my brother on the team next year that might change things. It’s all just titles really and don’t let something as petty as that confine you.

in about a month… a year ago :stuck_out_tongue:

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**But if you’re lazy, and still want to be at least marginally correct, you can just call them all alums. **

I prefer calling them ‘Al.’ :slight_smile:

I believe I become an alumni at the beginning of the next school year. I think I’m done with being a part of a FIRST team. It was a great experience for me…I loved it. But once I’m off to college, there are bound to be new things. I’ll probably still go to a competition and volunteer if I get the chance. (What’s the nearest regional to Erie, PA?)

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… (Btw, on 691’s webpage we have it all correct: See Student Opinions )
It warms the cockles of my curmudgeonly heart – whatever those are! (Dare I say it gives me Hart Burn?:smiley: )

As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t become an alumni of Team Hammond until I joined another team.

I don’t know about other teams, but 71 is kind of like a huge, overextended family. We all go out together, we all hang out together, go to the same parties, graduations, know the same people, etc. So really, I may be one of the ‘Legends of Team Hammond’, but they’ll always be a second family to me.

even though ive graduated, i will never be an alumni of our team. you can even ask the students :]

Three years ago, our entire team sat down to discuss this very issue. We decided that you do not become an alum until the all of the next school year. So if someone were to graduate this year, they would not be an alum until next fall.

  • Katie

I believe you become an Alumni when you graduate High School.

I became an alumni for 522 June 2002. Thanks for all the fun times guys.

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**even though ive graduated, i will never be an alumni of our team. you can even ask the students :] **

yah that’s pretty true…it’s ok though…we all love david.

I agree with Mike522, I’ll consider myself an alumni of 151, when I throw my cap up at graduation, I no longer go to the school so there for I am not on the team any more.

i agree aaron, when i officially graduate from NHS i will not be on 151 as a student, but i will be returning in january to be a first mentor, and possibly drive coach. but my roots will always be with 151.


Being an alumni is a state of mind really. When you are willing to let go mentally, and decide to offer your help and talent to another team or another field when you move on from high school, that’s when you become an alumni for your team.

We have a saying in team 192 GRT, “Once in GRT, always in GRT”. You never really let go of the high school team, because it became a part of you when you spend so much time in it. Just look at my picture, I still can’t let go of it after 5 years.

Well, I consider my self an alumni when I leave to college. I’ll be going to one near Chicago, so I won’t be able to be with my Original team - but I WILL still stay in contact.

I hope to join/start another team out there!

(Ppppsssssttttt - If anyone near Chicago is wanting a “seasoned” personnel - let me know! :smiley:

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We have a saying in team 192 GRT, “Once in GRT, always in GRT”. **

We have a very similar saying on SPAM. I guess I’ll agree with the becoming an alumni when I graduate (May 29th). I’m leaving a great team which is growing so rapidly even I, the queen of remembering names, can’t keep track of who is who. I just hope I can hook up with the team in Gainesville or (I can’t believe I’m saying this…) help others to form a team at the University of Florida. I’ve been a FIRSTer for six years…I couldn’t imagine not being involved.