When does 2019 KOP Optout open?

I have a question for CD.
As a new coach, I am wondering if someone could advise me of when approximately the KOP Optout open up to Optout?

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.

This is from Calendar

Drive Base Opt Out 10/01/2018 - 12:00pm to 10/09/2018 - 12:00pm

And the FRC Blog from last year: https://www.firstinspires.org/robotics/frc/blog/kit-of-parts-2018-drive-base-kit-option-and-international-game-pieces

Just to clarify, there is no option to opt-out of the entire KoP. Non-rookie teams have the option to choose a $450 AndyMark product voucher (credit) instead of getting the Kit of Parts drivetrain. Regardless, every team gets the rest of the Kit of Parts tote.

Correct, that is what I meant. I apologize.

No need to apologize. I just wanted to make sure it was a mis-speaking and not a much more serious misunderstanding.

This is the first time I have had to serve as one of the lead mentors so this is the first time Ihave had to deal with the opt out. Can the voucher be used to purchase any item from AndyMark or only specific items? I searched here and was unable to find the answer.

Any items are valid. I like stocking up on batteries and bearings using our voucher.

I’m pretty sure it’s just anything on AndyMark

Any item. [Assuming no changes this year,] the mechanics of it is that you get a code on your firstinspires dashboard, just like you do with many of the other virtual KoP items. Log into AndyMark, enter the code, and you have a $450 balance on the books with them. When I was doing most of the buying for 3946, this was an easy $450 I didn’t have to get specific approval for, so most of it was spent in the week after kickoff as we’d figure out what wheels, gears, and other oddball items we were likely to need to meet the year’s challenge. AndyMark allows this credit to be used toward shipping charges, as contrasted with FIRST Choice and several other virtual KoP codes and coupons. IIRC, I even used KoP credits to buy things which were on closeout.

Thank you, Gentlemen.

Note - One opt out is about equal to one Roborio (from AM)

and then a PDB and VRM from First Choice… now another robot is enabled!

3946 has played this a bit differently. We’ve purchased two “frame only” kits from AndyMark over the summer/fall, then opted out. This way, we’ve known what we were working with up front, could make basic plans for various games, and had about $450 in unrestricted funds to buy whatever we think we need during week 1. This has proven to be one of those “the plan isn’t important, but the planning is important” cases every year.

We just did a rough inventory of the parts and materials we have in stock already. There is sufficient 2" x 1" tubing for at least 5 years worth of robots. We have sufficient new and used control system parts and motors (CIMS, Mini_CIMS, BAG, 775Pro) for 3 complete, identical robots. I think if we use and re-use what we currently have, we essentially get many new speciallized parts “for free” each year i.e. wheels of types and sizes we currently do not have, pneumatic cylinders in sizes we don’t currently have, batteries…

Bumping this up. Only 2 days left to opt out!

Parts purchased using PDVs do not count towards CAWst.

The problem is anything I am likely to buy from AnyMark with the PDV is likely to have been part of the KOP at one time or another.

As an RI I rather spend time inspecting parts of the robot that effect game play or safety than wasting it on the CAW. But rules are rules so I look at the CAW.