When does the wait list stop pulling teams

I’m just curious when do you guys think we should give up waiting for the wait list for Detroit. We are considering unbaging the robot for demonstrations and I don’t want the students to be disappointed if we get picked tomorrow after we disqualify ourselves.

You should still have an allowed unbagging for presentation purposes according to game manual, you just need to report it, log the hours, and show proof I believe. (I’ve never done it so I have no experience in that regard.) However, I don’t believe it automatically disqualifies you. Look through the game manual, because I’ve seen the demonstration rule in there, and ask a FRC representative for more info if you still have questions.


There’s no official cutoff, and I know in the past at least one team went with less than 24 hours notice

Don’t quote me on this, but I believe there’s a 6hr unbag rule for demonstration purposes only. If you document it like @Ares said I don’t see the problem.

To be clear, none of what I am saying is certain! Please check the rules and if necessary contact FIRST in order to make sure.


The rule basically says dont keep it out for 4+ hours and dont do practice with it

Houston teams were still clearing this week. So definitely no earlier than sometime next week.

Hey Scott!
Albeit some interesting circumstances, 1625 was offered a chance to backfill at champs with about 24 hour notice in 2016.

You do have the ability to bag/unbag for demos. If you do that and stay diligent with your lockup form you shouldn’t have a problem. Most officials (LRI, head ref, etc.) are pretty understanding of different circumstances.

Good luck to you and your new team!

Please everyone, read the rules and reference them as needed. You’ll want to look at R20. The blue box underneath it defines a “brief display period”:

Un-bagging a ROBOT and putting it on display for many hours (i.e., more than four (4)) at a time is not considered a “brief” display.

Please do not display your robot for more than 4 hours at a time.


i meant to say 4 hours, i was thinking of normal district unbag time

DO NOT UN-BAG!!! We made that mistake before our FIT District championship.

Texas just switched to districts this year. We believed there was an allotted 6hr un-bag allowance before the District Championship just like before each of the district events so we un-bagged the Saturday before we knew we were locked in for the District Championship. It was only AFTER FIT sent out the invitational email Sunday night which stated, 'Do not un-bag your robot. There is no un-bag time preceding any 3-day event." that we realized we had made a HUGE mistake. We contacted the LRI and the president of FIT within 24hrs of realizing our error.

My vote is do not un-bag without getting clearance from FIRST Q&A. I don’t think it would disqualify you - it didn’t us but we did have to fill out a non-compliance form and lost work time at the event which we understood and was fair - BUT would hate for you to un-bag and go through the same thing and worries we went through.

There is no need to submit a Q&A when there is already clear rules on un-bagging for demonstration purposes already in the manual. If OP needs further clarification on this, there is an email provided in the blue box.


Hey Seth!
In the case where you received that much short notice on getting off the wait list, what did you do about transportation? We are currently wait listed and I am just collecting data so I can evaluate all our transportation options. Thanks!

I’ve been curious what the process and penalties are for teams that do an unauthorized unbagging. Would you mind going into more detail on what hoops you had to jump through and how it all worked out? (Even though it will all become irrelevant a scant 2 weeks from now – hooray for no bags 2020 season!)

Larry, I should clarify that our circumstance was highly unusual and I don’t believe that telling teams that late is common practice.

To answer your question, we just sent a small tiger team to play that weekend. Ultimately it was one or two mentor vehicles and our trailer.

I figured your experience was more the exception than the norm. I just tend to plan for the worst case scenario.

Thanks for providing info on what you ended up doing!

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