When does your team start meeting again?

what time of year do teams usualy start haveing meetings

My team has meetings starting in september, usually once a week. These meetings focus on new member recruiting, and also fundraising. We also talk about our offseason projects and what needs to be done. We continue these meetings until the build season.

We don’t know when to stop :smiley:
We’ll have some meetings to clean up the shop and a picnic this summer.

For many of us, FIRST and robotics is a year round activity. However, on our team, regular weekly meetings start at the beginning of the school year (the first weeks of September), and provide an oppurtunity for the new freshmen/team members to see and get an idea of what they’ll be getting themselves into - going over guidelines, team rules, explaining what FIRST is, and attending some of the last off-season events. Also, in these meetings before the build season, the team finishes up off-season projects, and creates plans and goals for what we would like to accomplish in the upcoming season.

Many teams pick a particular day of the week for meetings, and then if additional meetings are needed, they are planned accordingly. During the hectic build season, there are multiple meetings per week in addition to the regular weekly meetings, and meetings at the school on the weekends in order to work on projects and get the many things that need to be done completed in time.

After the “official” season (Championships) are over, we continue the weekly meetings throughout the rest of the school year, and prepare for the upcoming off-season events. During the summer, things usually slow down a bit due to vacations and people going away and such, but the team still meets up a couple of times during these months in order to work on summer/off season projects and to create goals and plan for the upcoming year once again. Thus, it’s pretty much a continual cycle.

My team has a few meetings starting in September; we do things with VEX to get the new students involved. So we really start once school starts with meetings a few times a week, but then in January, that is when the meetings become basically every day. It’s really an all year thing because in the summer, us students have our own meetings and get-togethers and such. We can never get enough of robotics :smiley: haha.

Our team has meetings just when the school year begins. Then we have another meeting before Club Day at our school (when we recruit new members), which is late September. The next meeting is usually two weeks before the competition kickoff, to explain to the new team members a little of what to expect, as well as what we team officers expect from them. Next is another meeting the day before kickoff, and another one right after the morning kickoff.
After competition kickoff there are meetings all the time during build season. After the robot is shipped we have a parent and student meeting to plan for trips to regionals. If we are qualified to go to nationals then we have another meeting to decide yes or no, and make traveling plans if we decide to go.
After competition season is completely over we have one more meeting before finally focusing entirely on schoolwork. Nothing much happens until the end of the year when we have the last meeting to discuss summer plans and ideas or next year.
That’s pretty much all of it. :smiley:

HOT just never really ends :slight_smile:
During the summer we meet for road cleanups, parades, and the Huron River clean up, and also for various offseason activities.
In the fall we help out with Freshman Orientation and we have a recruiting/meeting night. After that we have team orientation and safety meetings. Then the season is kicked off!
During the season most people meet Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and all day Saturday.
When the season is over we, of course, have an banquet.
All year long there’s just an email server (kudoes to yahoogroups)

During the school year, 166 has their meetings right after school every Friday. There are some meetings during the summer for random things like fixing the robot, or cleaning the closet out. We have a yahoo group so someone posts and the word gets to everyone who checks their e-mail.

Of course, there are still kids who don’t check their e-mail and miss out on everything.

We do some things over the summer. Cardboard Boat for the annual Library Fundraiser: Cardboard Boat Race. There’s a picnic. Demonstrations at the town’s 4th of July celebration.

This year, during the summer, we’re also planning on having training in a bunch of different things. For example: Welding aluminum :smiley:

So, the regular meetings start again on the first Friday of the new school year.

We do one meeting a week during the fall starting about the second or third week of school (so late August), because no one ever remembers something the first week. Club officers have an additional meeting every week with the teacher sponsor(s) to discuss all the paperwork and plans.

In the spring we do a meeting every day of the week except Sunday during the build season, give everyone a week break after the build season, then meet once a week until the regional (we may meet at people’s houses to do extra things too). We usually take a week break after any competition (unless there is something really urgent to discuss), then continue to meet once a week. This continues until school ends. We have an end of the year party at someone’s house/bowling alley/etc. in May too.

During this summer the Officers have had meetings once a week, and we plan on having a meeting for all the veteran members before school starts. We haven’t had any meetings in past summers so this is something new.

Team 228 has meetings year round! :smiley: Yay! We love our team!!

We have meetings during the summer before IRI, and then participate in the State Fair. However, discluding summer activities, 461 usually meets in the first couple weeks of school, and then we have a team callout for new members.

The CircuitRunners meet year round. We meet to clean up our shop and to go to a ton of outreach events. Then towards the end of the summer, a lot of the leaders, a few parents, and the mentors meet to figure out what went good and what went wrong and how to fix the stuff that went wrong (organizationally).

We start signing up upcoming freshmen at this thing we have called Wildcat Daze a week before school starts. We have our first meeting of the “new year” on the 2nd week of school which this year will be August 22nd.

We never really ever stop.

well 229 starts up in the fall with a series of team building and engineering exercises such as egg drops and such. Its a good way for everyone to get to know each other.

Team 204 will start back up in Sept!

862 meets year round, during the summer we meet as a smaller group to plan for demonstrations, summer projects & the coming year. We meet as a large group of returning veterans in September after school starts, then a week or two after that we have our recruiting meeting, then we start our regular meetings the rest of the year.

We meet year-round. Our school is doing Little Shop of Horrors for their Fall play, so they want us to build the man-eating plant. That’s our fun summer project.

We are starting now. Alumni and mentors made a game for VEX and our team vets meet during the summer to do a “mini competition”. Just for team building. We are also doing more skills training with mentors. This is the first time in 6 years we’ve done this (I think).

Our leadership team meets year round but pre season begins a week before the Rah Cha Cha Ruckus.

Our school did that two years ago; it’s an awesome play.

We technically meet all year round, but we aren’t really having regular meetings right now. Some of us are helping at the LEGO camps they’re running for most of the summer, and we’ve done a parade and a demonstration within the past week. We’re supposed to meet in about two weeks to discuss new members and fall events.

As most of the teams, we meet year round too.
During summer, for those on our team without a job or any other activity, FIRST is their job. They work all summer round working on the projects and planning next year agenda. This summer our team is loaded with three outreach projects, and two building projects.
Other than that we meet every week (Wednesday) year round.

not to mention our team-bonding activities…
This summer it will be Paramount Kings Dominion, Paint-Ball Fight, and Laser-tag ‘partay’… :slight_smile: