When is the Chairman's Video due?

Hi my name is Amatullah Fatehi from team 1468 the Hicksville J-Birds
We received a chief delphi update at the beginning of the season which stated that the video was due the day of the Chairmans submission. However according to the FRC Manual 2014 the video is due the day of the interview. Can someone please tell me when it is due and if it is due the 13 how am I supposed to submit it?

When in doubt, ALWAYS go with the most recent version of the FRC Manual in question. NEVER go with Chief Delphi, particularly if it disagrees with the Manual.

Particularly since the Manual was updated on this very topic a couple of weeks ago, and there are a couple of ways to submit this year (thumb drive and DVD).

Administrative Manual specifies that the video is provided at the start of the Chairman’s interview at the event. I suggest reading the rest to find the format requirements as those changed this year. (And the rest of Admin section 6 for key dates.)