When is the notification of the 2008 NASA grant winners?

I thought it was tomorrow, and I could have sworn I read that filling out the application, but the application page says: “NASA will review submitted applications and inform teams of their selection via the NASA Robotics Alliance Project web site (http://robotics.nasa.gov) no later than Monday, 19 November 2007.”

Now, I go to that link and there is no place to sign in or check a list that I’m seeing. So yeah. Anyone know anything, or am I just missing something really obvious?

It may have been modified when they had to extend the date for the California teams…

Well one thing is that it is not the 19th yet and even if it was they might not post until Close of Business on that day. The additional time for California teams might have an influence, but it only applies to teams in the most affected areas and there are only a few of those. I did hear of one team that had their application in a laptop that was in a building that burned, so they had to redo it from scratch. But no number or location was given so it might just be hearsay.

The real issue is that, at least here on the West Coast, the group that does the evaluations has been innundated. I heard that they recieved at least twice as many applications as they expected. So the percentage of requests that are filled will drop dramatically this year. I am sure that the poor guys and gals that have to make the decisions are sweating over this right now.

There are other indicators, like a drop in the number of multi-regional teams, that indicate this is a really tough year for all teams. If your team has ever thought about hosting an off-season event, this might be a great year to start. If you are in Southern California and want to do so please contact me via e-mail. There is more help available than you might think.

Oh, wow. I didn’t realize there was such growth, but I guess I am on the other side of the country.

And the reason I posted this today and not on the 19th was that is says by the 19th, not on the 19th. So I wasn’t sure if they’d already sent out notifications or if it was just a grammar thing.

It says “no later than Monday, 19 November 2007.” Which means we still have 29 hours, 47 minutes to go (since the application period extended until the end of the day Hawaiian time, the response period will as well :slight_smile: ).


Its answers like this that scare me soo much about FIRST. As kick-off gets closer and closer, I can see myself watching the NASA TV telecast and Dave coming on and saying,

“Thanks for tuning in guys, unfortunately we still have five more hours until it is the proper time in Alaska/Hawaii so that we can start! Don’t go anywhere though because who knows, maybe we’ll start at Pacific time or Mountain time, it all depends on how long it takes me to get to the nearest KK and grab some breakfast!!”

I’m going to have nightmares now. Thanks. :rolleyes:

yeah all, we are mad nervousssssss

Pavan, whats KK?

Krispy Kreme… :ahh: :ahh: :ahh:
Poor deprived NJers and your lack of Krispy Kremes. There’s one in NYC though, perhaps you should drive up and check it out. :wink:

be nice Sean- he’s one of the new guys

Still doesn’t change that the state of New Jersey lacks Krispy Kreme stores :wink:

There is a page on the usfirst.org titled “NASA grants announced” but it’s blank, mabey this means nobody got one :rolleyes:.

this suspense is killing me. I was on the nasa website hitting the refresh button for half an hour this morning… sigh… maybe ill just study for that math test tomorrow and check on it in the morning.


p.s. only 8 hours and 27 minutes left…

They’re alive! They just posted this about 1 minute ago on http://robotics.nasa.gov/ :

FIRST Robotics Competition

The NASA application for FIRST Robotics Competition sponsorship is now closed. The application directions page remains available for informational purposes.
NOTICE: The list of sponsorship recipients will be posted here as soon as they are available.



ps the suspense is worse now…

If youre using firefox, just download this plugin: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/115 and set it to refresh http://robotics.nasa.gov/ every minute or so and just keep your browser on that page. If you look at it every few minutes, you wont have to keep refreshing it.

It takes away some of the craziness! :yikes:

Ok folks, go do some homework and studying. Lavery Claus and his elves are working hard and will be here by midnight* to give information to all of the good little girls and boys…

*Midnight Hawaii time

thanks, that is an interesting application.


p.s. thank you beth sweet. I guess i will be getting up at 4 am central time to check… :smiley:

What time zone is that? For the deadline they used Hawaiian time. I guess that means there wont be anything until 0500 EST. Besides, reading the Scarlet letter isn’t exactly as suspenseful as a NASA grant…

I have set my alarm for 3:55 CST.

I have a box of Krispy Kremes waiting for dave if he chooses our team :slight_smile:

Although FIRST doesnt approve of bribery, dlavery might…

thanks, vivek

i am kidding though