When things start to come together

Our robot is… well starting to look like a robot =P


Even though the bot was on a table, it still can extend way past the overpass



With what we have the bot is only 85.5lbs!!! But more is going on. Also that railing around the back of it is just sitting on there for right now =P.

Nice, we are going with a similar telescoping design. We are using 80/20 with sliders though… Nice 80/20 holding up the elertronics board:D

Nice elevator. Have you tried the four traction wheels on carpet?

we have used 4 IFI traction wheels for the past 2 years, this making the 3rd.

Very good job. This may just be that the picture is zoomed in a lot, but does it violate R<16>?

is that the 80" rule? If so the bot just fits in that with the flippers extended.

Oh man that thing looks awesome!
Cant wait to see it work!

:confused: How did you guys get that to weight only 85 pounds?!
I see aluminum on board?! :ahh:

Wow! That looks great! Do you have the dimensions for your robot?

Nice! Wild guess: does it take about 8 seconds to lift?

Everything was made to be as light weight as possible. Since we used epoxy instead of bolts we save weight there. We started making our ball picker upper today and fabbed up some more stuff and we are at like 91lbs now. Our electrical stuff is all mounted on polly carb boards.

The frame is like 37 by 27 and the lift will go like 8ft high if not more. We wont use it all during comp. though

Less i think, we just hooked the motor up to the bat. to test it.

I should have more pics up sometime tonight.

As of 2/2/08

elec board lvl 2

bottom lvl

overhead of our drivetrain

vid of our lift, sorry it’s sideways


Very smooth lift. Looks like things are coming along really nicely for you.

do you have anything protecting your electrican board from the ball landing on it.

we still need to build that.

The lift with that motor will take six seconds to reach max height
also we are predicting about 10 pounds of spare weight to play with when all components are added

Have you tried lifting with the ball in it? it drasticly effects the way it behaves.

we dont have our ball carrier done or mounted yet, all we have there is our herder, and our ball knocker offer/hurdler. But as of right now we can’t carry the ball, give use by the end of like friday we should. Once it’s up I will be posting.

Also to save weight those aren’t 8020 rails they’re made by a different company
They are called 2020 bosch, a little more expensive but they save a lot of weight

indeed, they do save A LOT of weight.