When to go to the bridge

We were discussing strategy today, and the topic of the bridge came up. We decided it would be best to start for the bridge around the 30 second mark. This means no matter where you are on the field, at the 30 second mark, you need to stop and line up for the bridge(s).

What have your teams decided for the bridge? What time do you think is appropriate to stop and get ready for the bridge? How do you think this will change in the elimination rounds, and the championships?

We actually haven’t discussed this yet. But I think it’s fair to say that the 30 second mark is a good place to start. I think that as the competition continues on, we will see teams line up later as they get more used to the process.

Exactly. If your drivers are well-practiced, they’ll know what kind of time they need to get it done when alone, and perhaps also with another robot. 30 seconds seems a reasonable starting point though.

30 seconds sounds like a reasonable time for a triple balance, and probably 25 for a double.

I know our driver can do it in 3 seconds but I’ll give him another 3 so he can get the bridge down so I’ll say 6-7 seconds for a solo balance and we’ll see if we can get it down to 5! :wink:

Funny, I don’t remember seeing in the rules that the bridges will be down and ready by the time you get there. :stuck_out_tongue: Great video, though!

You are forgetting about the BrendanB clause where he’s allowed to have his foot on the bridge!

Oh yeah! I should pay attention to the rules more! I forgot about the BrendanB clause! I remember last year it said you could deploy your minibot at the beginning of the match.

I’d have to agree that 30 seconds seems plenty of time to get to the ramp and do what you need as well with other robots. I know that our team will be practicing end game multiple times just be as flawless as possible when doing it.

I’m assuming well practiced teams could get it done in 10-15 seconds with 1 and 2 bots and maybe 20-25 seconds for 3 bots.

Nah, they only let place an ubertube it was lamesauce.

Yeah, we are going to start at about 30 seconds. See if we can get it down. I think we’ll need 30 for a triple balance, maybe less for a double with practice.

Very situational. Unlike everyone else I am not going to give a time instead I am going to say when your alliance has a significant lead.

Why give a set time? If you are down by 6 and they have two robots going for their bridge why go to your bridge down 6? I mean you could bank on them not being successful and all but I would rather try to score instead…

If after 45 seconds of Tele op the score is Red 21 Blue 3 two robots from red alliance should go balance the bridge guaranteeing those 30 points. When the blue alliance sees that they can not mathematically win there main focus will be the coopertition bridge.

Good point, if you are down why go for the bridge? Simply put, you don’t know if they will be successful which is one of the reasons to always go for the ramp.

I say go for the middle bridge during autonomous.

I say go for the middle bridge and then your alliance’s bridge in autonomous.

I say it all depends on how easily your bot balances and whether it has auto balancing capabilities. If it is a hard to maneuver bot you may want to start earlier. Of course if you have an accelerometer go ahead at 20s or even less.:slight_smile: