When were you first spotted at a FIRST competition?

Everyone here seems to meet each other in the funniest of places.

My first outing was at Palmetto. Several of the gals from 433 had posted on our team’s message board, plotting to get a game of Taboo going. (If you’re wondering, they pwned us on Friday night, after the social.) So we all get to the regional, and on Thursday I’m walking down the middle row of pits, where both 1293’s and 433’s pits were set up. Out of nowhere, Meredith (aka fireboidsgrl) from the Firebirds comes up to me and says…

Excuse me…are you Billfred?

So, when was the first time someone spotted you at a FIRST competition?

Unfortunately, I haven’t been spotted yet, but I really hope I am spotted in '05!
It’d not only be totally awesome, it’d be hilarious too.
It’d be funny to have someone walk up to you that you’ve never seen before say “are you RoboGirl007?”
I really hope that happens. It’d be classic for me.

umm i get random people all the time comming up to me and going HEY BIG MIKE and i always feel bad cause i dont hardly know who they are… then there are those people i am looking for and i walk right by…

The first time anyone came up to me and call me by my CD name was in Atlanta last year. I just remember someone yelling “Hey sigmakid108” (my old cd name). Can’t remember who it was (someone from 25 i think). I usually like to go to other peoples pit then have them come to mine cause then I get a chance to check out their robot.

hehe, the first person to ever spot me was actually the one and only Mr. Baker himself… :o … if I had only known who I was talking too, I don’t think I would of been so calm in the presencs of the 2003 TechnoKat floor team including the famous Andy and DJ.

… the first time I ever heard any requests or was recognized was in Texas right after our arrival, and Matt (team 5) knew that Grant (evulish) was on 84. :cool:

//I wish I were only have as cool as I would like to be. :]

Well… Technically, I wasn’t spotted at a FIRST competition… I was spotted at the WPI Frontiers program where FIRST people came up to me and went, “Are you Lisa Perez?”

Ditto (well, except they don’t go HEY BIG MIKE to me, they go HEY EDDIEMCD). Must be the hair.

Anyhow, to answer the question, Nationals 2001 was when I really started meeting people from CD. Don’t remember who sought me and who I went seeking, but I can definitely say that was the first time someone came up to me and knew who I was.

NEVER!!! and never will be mwahahahahaha. The first one to actually find me at a comp and call me by my delphi name, ill give a team 25 memento. the other ones, ill also give something, but not as good.

ive only been spotted as the driver from 25, normally b/c of the trucker hat i wear. :smiley:

This was my first year of actual noteriety (something about some sort of fantasy game or something) but I met Joe at Buckeye last year. That was the first one I remember.

The first person who spotted me at a FIRST event was Joe Ross at LA in 2001.

In 2002 at Nationals I was recognized, but only because I went to the College night get-together and was pre-arranged to meet some people anyways…

Other than that, I think this year was the FIRST year that I actually had someone come up to me at a competition (who I did not know) and ask me if I was who I am.

That was at the NJ regional this year (only my 4th year in FIRST:rolleyes: ) and I don’t remember who it was off-hand… Sorry. :o

none yet, but of course tats because noone knows what i look like. heh. i should prolly get a photo up sumtime

I don’t think that anyone’s ever “spotted” me in this sense, as the people I run into most when I go to competitions are people I consider friends. For the most part, I try to avoid being recognized by people and will often have conversations with people I know from the boards here without them ever knowing whom they’re talking with.

Never had someone come up to me, but Ive definately had people find out. Well, dez did come up to me at IRI, but that was probably cus I was next to my dad. Alot of peoples first words to me are(after they find out various ways who I am), “ive read your posts on delphi” or “how cool is it to have a father like dave”.

i just remember saying to you, so you are “lil” lavery

First Time I recall it is when ChrisH came up to me at Nationals this year. This is accounting for people I haven’t really talked to before coming up to me though.

Sean, i didnt coe up to you cause your dad, i actually was waiting for you to part his side cause i didnt want to get mobbed by those mobbing your dad, but i origionally came over to you to talk about a random elephant…

The first time I was recognized at a FIRST competition was at Nationals 2002. I was walking our robot out to the field and I hear someone yelling, “KATIE! HEY, KATIE!! HI! HOW’S IT GOING?” and I see this guy waving at me. Who I don’t recognize. At all. Then, on the way back into the pits, I see him again waving and saying hi … I still don’t recognize him. The engineer I was with was like, “Do you know that guy?” “Uh… I’m sure I do, I just don’t recognize him.” … “Ummm … so, do we need to get you a bodyguard or something?”

It wasn’t until a few hours later, when I met up with Ken Leung, Gui Cavalcanti, some other people and the ‘mystery guy’ … who introduced himself to me as Joe Ross. :slight_smile:

… And, yes, I still feel bad about not recognizing him then. Or the next time I saw him… :yikes:

I haven’t been spotted yet :frowning: however, I’ve been told that people were looking and looking for me at Richmond and Annapolis, all for the wanting of a pimp Dave button… :cool:


I think it may have been Kate Leach at Epcot in 2000/2001 -ish. I can’t remember for sure, really.