When will CMP qual schedule release?

When ???


You got my hopes up with that title…




Frank said last week there won’t be a preliminary schedule, so I’d assume sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening once all teams have checked in.


So much false hope :joy:

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That is a mean thread title… I jumped to TBA the moment I saw it!

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Kim here, putting on my mod hat for 2s. Renamed the thread to avoid getting people’s hopes up and make it more of a question than a statement.


Well, per the manual section 11.6.1,

The Qualification MATCH schedule is made available as soon as possible, but no later than 1 hour before Qualification MATCHES are scheduled to begin

(I’m pretty sure I’ve seen events where the full 1 hour notice wasn’t actually given, though. It’s pretty hard in district events to get team field calibration time, drive team meeting, and practice matches all in before opening ceremony on day 1, and sometimes one is still wondering what teams are actually going to show up at the last minute. And my understanding is that it can be tricky to generate schedules within FMS while in the midst of the practice matches, though I don’t really know the details on that.)

So I’d bet on “as soon as possible”, but not sooner than that. Basically meaning once every team for a division is checked in (or confirmed to not be coming), and someone has the time to run it on FMS. But don’t hold your breath too long.

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I haven’t seen the FTA manual for about 13 years now, but back in the day, the standard instruction was to generate a match schedule only after all registered teams were present at the venue. As Adam pointed out, that could be as late as 1 hour before scheduled start of qual matches. Or, as Peter pointed out, it could be even later.

No point getting teams already present excited about a preliminary schedule, only to change it after the team list is complete.


For champs, preliminary schedules are usually generated and published as early as a week before.

Obviously not possible his year tho since teams weren’t even finalized till today (if it’s even finalized that is)

I mean if you know you’re going to have 76 teams in a division, you could generate a schedule of 1-76 and then just assign each number a corresponding team as they are assigned to the division. You only have to rerun then if 76 teams don’t show up.


Yes, many have suggested this, as early as 2007 to my personal recollection. Probably even earlier. Optimized match lists for any number of teams could be created, then populated with Team numbers at the right time.

The right time for doing that was the topic here. I agree that the method should be improved also.

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