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It is kinda getting down to the wire. Let’s play a just for fun game. When will FIRST decide on what will happen with FRC events this year. You must pick the the day and am or pm.
As I am the creator of the game I pick first.
9/11/2020 pm. Call me an optimist…


12/04/20 AM.
I also want to say late January but there isn’t much time to book venues if that’s something they feel like they are going to do.


I’m not placing bets as I don’t want to get my hopes up.


Well, our region is basically already decided, but for the entire thing Ill put down that it’ll be October, may the 31st just to make the decision even more terrifying.

At the latest, they will have details about the 2021 FRC Season available prior to the planned opening of team registration in mid-September.
So my money is on 9/14/20 PM

Given the lemming mentality resulting in massive crowds mostly eschewing protective measures assembled this long Labor Day weekend ( as well as Memorial Day, the 4th, Sturgis Motorcycle rally, political events, etc…) I predict FIRST will not decide any event dates for this coming season. Many appear to be their own worst enemy unfortunately. My guess is this decision will likely be posted by October 1, AM.

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Never. They are going to punt to the regional and district affiliates for the coming season, many of whom will attempt to hold events, some with success but most realizing too late that they can’t work around local municipal guidelines, venue objections, and state government restrictions. FIRST HQ will try hard to plan for a championship sometime late next year but that will either be cancelled or it will become something different entirely to “celebrate FIRST”.


They would have to publicly announce that so that would count

If you decide not to decide you still have made a choice and they would have to announce that

Fine. Sometime this coming week then. I’ll take tomorrow, September 8th, at 2:00PM Eastern.


They don’t announce anything themselves, even after registration opens. At the 2021 Kickoff, they announce that the real game was the scavenger hunt to piece together FIRST’s 2021 plan from small bits of information from various regional organizations.


I agree with Marshall. I’ll say 9/8 at 1:59PM.

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I feel like that’s a decent sign given that you’ve got access to more info through the MN regional grapevine than I’ve got.

1/1/2021 am

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Not really. But i figure no one else is going to go earlier, so this way I’ll be closest if it’s anytime before 2 tomorrow :slight_smile:


They are probably currently making sure that FTC goes smoothly so sometime between the 12th and the 19th but I have a odd felling about Wednesday the 16th

Did you just The Price Is Right him?


So here’s my thoughts.

  1. I’m going to bet on the decision already being 90%+ made. So what we’re really betting on is the announcement dates.
  2. FIRST likes to do announcements like this on Fridays, traditionally. I’d go with the Friday before registration opens.
  3. Per the FIRST site, that particular date is still officially “TBD”, as of right now. Mid-September is traditional but I suspect they might try to sneak that back a week.

9/18/20, PM EDT and AM PDT. (In other words, between noon and 3 PM Eastern time.)

As a bonus, the announcement will be something to the effect of “While we anticipate that teams want to sign up for events, we still do not know for certain across all of FRC what will be happening. Teams in [list of areas] will be doing [method of competition] that we KNOW is happening. If your team is not in one of those areas we expect to have more information in a few weeks, or you can contact your Regional Director [or other staff] for the latest updates.”


I’m curious what the impact to FIRST would be if they cancel the upcoming FRC altogether. That’s a lot of money they won’t be receiving from registration fees, but is it a “life or death” decision for the organization? I’m sure there are a lot of teams, even if FIRST does decide to have an FRC competition, would decide to either not register or would register for fewer events. Or perhaps FIRST will offer a discounted registration to encourage more participation.

All that said, I’m guessing this Friday (11 September)

I’ll pessimistically throw my vote at 2/27/21 (the day before week 1 events would likely start in 2021.)

Womp womp.

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