When will the first official game hint be released?

We are 3 weeks away from kickoff, but no hints are released yet. Anybody know when to expect the hints to be released?

Before kickoff, if there are any.

And in all seriousness, hopefully not until after next week. I’d like to be able to focus on finals.

When you’re not expecting them to be released.

You can expect them when and if they are released.

I think that Ryan Hall did some research last year that showed the average date of release for game hints was December 21st.

I would expect sometime around then.

I believe that it is usually within a week of Christmas. You can think of it like a stocking stuffer from FIRST, or a lump of coal depending on your thoughts about the clue that year :wink:

You know, I think we’d better stop talking about hints until they are released (and we will put them on the forum them).

What if they are watching places like this forum, intentionally not releasing them because everyone is waiting!

Just an idea! I don’t want to influence you to not post about hints!

Last year, the hint was released right at the beginning of finals week at our school. I’m pretty sure I missed at least one problem on each exam from thinking about the hint.

The less we talk about the game hints the faster they will come.


How do we know a hint hasn’t been released already?

Has anyone checked the Nth letter of each of Frank’s blog posts where N is the next Fibonacci number modulo number of years since FIRST was founded?

Well I was sitting in class today and thinking… What if we have the hints for next few years all lighned up in front of us for all FIRST competitions.

This year in FLL their was a majority of Block shaped pieces (the truck, the climb, the ambualance) and in FTC the challenges requires blocks. FRC it might requires blocks.

Last year was the year of the circle. FRC we had a disk which has a circle at the bottom of it, FTC? Rings!!! which have circles!!! FLL? had a lot of circular challenges (like the bowling element.)

Maybe next year will be the year of the triangle and we will have lots of triangular pieces.

Now this is just a theory that is very weak and not supported very well.

I seem to recall seeing something about a square donut with a triangular cross section…

Clearly the lack of a hint is a clue to the lack of a game! :wink:

I don’t understand the obsession with game hints :confused:

So here is the honesty check.
Did last year’s hint actually help any teams :slight_smile:

No, but we did have someone arbitrarily guess the game a couple of hours before kickoff. :smiley:

Probably in 3013… but Who knows?

You know when a game hint has been released, when something sent out from FIRST (or posted on the blog) clearly says GAME HINT on it.

For some reason this year has been the worst so far in threads begging for game hints and overanalyzing. There’s a whole lot of passionate, engaged students out there. My usual message still stands: spend your time on other, non-FIRST endeavors while you still have time. Hang out with your family & friends. Go do something that doesn’t have anything to do with robots for a little bit. Maybe you’ll gain a new perspective on something that will actually help you during build. Most importantly, get some sleep.

Quoted, bolded, and enlarged for truth.

Or, go study for finals. If you don’t have finals, get ahead on some of that studying you might not do during build season.

sleep who needs sleep :smiley: not me

im busy trying to figure this years game out and preparing for season sleep is non existent in my eyes :slight_smile: