When will we know our sites scores??

This is my second year in FIRST, and my First as the webmaster for my team… When will we know what the scores were?

You won’t until your regional. (i think) when you find out if you got an award or not…:o

It really depends from regional to regional. Most of the time, judges evaluate websites weekend before the regional.
As far as your score goes, you wouldn’t know that until the regional. If your team have won excellence award, your team will be notified after the championship.


Anyone know when the awards will be announced???

At the regional.

They did not announce it at the St. Louis regional

is there anyway to get the exact score your website got? i would like to know what needs improvement / what worked good. i mean how else are you supposed to know?


The website award was announced on Friday, and was team 461.


I’m on Team 461, and I can say that we haven’t received a scoresheet from judges as to how we scored on each part of the sheet (which is available in the competition manual, I believe). The one time that we leared our score was when a judge told us in person how she had evaluated our website and gave us an oral critique of certain pages.

It is possible that the coach or head mentor of a team receives a scoresheet for the website…I’ve never thought to ask before…