When Worlds Collide

Team 2910 was at the 2016 Everett Public School District STEM Expo yesterday, along with our counterparts: team 4512. The event is one of our annual outreach activities and we look forward to showing off our robot each year. Yesterday, we brought our FIRST Stronghold Tower to show off our robot. During some minor repairs on our bot, we asked team 4512 if they wanted to shoot the tower with their frisbee bot from a few years back. Here’s the result: a nice fusion of some of the best FRC games. A couple of teammates and I thought it was pretty cool, and pretty funny.


If anyone else has clips like this of FRC worlds colliding, feel free to share.

The other day, I found a clip of our robot from 2008 (Overdrive) playing the 2014 game, Aerial Assist:

We do this sort of thing all the time.

We have had the frisbee throwing robot toss them into basketball hoops (off the backboard).

We put the 2008 ball on the 2014 robot and tried to throw it unsuccessfully.

This weekend we will be throwing basketballs, frisbees, and this years balls into the tower.

We always love when we only need to bring one goal for multiple robots.

One of our favorite tricks to do during demos is to have our 2015 bot hold a Container with the lid removed while our 2013 bot shoots frisbees into it.

I believe catapulting a tote from the 2015 game into the tower of the 2016 game would be most impressive.

With a 2014 robot, of course.