When you need some metal....

We at FRC Team 801 happened upon Alro Metals Plus in Winter Springs and what an awesome place it is. They have a great selection of metal at great prices and their cutting fees are reasonable. We were able to get 1x2 box and angle, 0.125 plate, 0.25 plate and some bar stock. Its also worth going through their “scrap” bin too.

Those of you from central Florida will understand it when I say that they are the metals version of Skycraft.

To me, the prices were better than McMaster and you get it right then. Also their manager was very helpful with answering our questions and providing ideas.

They have a few places in Florida and in Michigan and maybe others too.

Happy Hunting…

With the new addition of a CNC to our build space we have been taking advantage of buying large bulk quantity extrusion and milling the holes into it ourselves. We are beguining to love Alro.

The Alro here in Ann Arbor knows that they have to order extra box tubing to have on hand every January…

Alro is a great resource. I know around Southern Michigan and Indiana, there is an 80/20 provider, and if you purchase through Alro, I believe it is around 20% discount compared to directly buying from 80/20. I do a lot of welding besides robotics, and I’ve always purchased from Alro. For robotics we mainly use McMaster but we may be moving our build site to a sponsor that uses Alro commonly so we would probably order with them since shipping is next to nothing, they already deliver to the building, and material comes in longer lengths.
Highly recommend Alro.

I just ran across this thread. If you are in Michigan definitely use ALRO. They are a great company and are known across the midwest. They are actually based out of Jackson, Michigan and they have helped out our robotics team many times also!