when's update #4 coming out?

Dose anyone know when update #4 is going to be coming out.

Typically FIRST releases stuff on Tuesdays and Thurs/Fri. Given the flurry of rants/whining recently, they may release something sooner. Only time will tell…

Your title scared me! I saw it and checked the FIRST page for the update before even reading your post.

as did i

sorry bout that

Well usually if there IS an update, the person posting it will provide a link to it, which means you don’t have to go to the FIRST site and check :slight_smile:

Just for that, I think I’ll post a thread about update 4 when it comes out and NOT link to it.

FIRST said somewhere, sometime that they would be doing updates primarily on tuesdady ad thursday, and looking at the website thats when updates both #1 and #2 came out, on a tuesday then a thrusday. Look for one sometime tomorow afternoon.