Where and how to start

My name is Sergio Peterson the programmer of team 6515.
This is our team’s 4rth year in FIRST, we don’t have much experience. I have programmed in Java using Visual Studio for the last two years and I’ve done quite a few things from programming sensors, encoders, and gyros. Although recently I’ve been looking into how to programming vision processing system using the reflective tape, most of the examples I see use Python. I want to know where to start with visual processing. I know python so that is not a problem, but how would you implement python into visual studio/roboRio? If not using python, is there a way of programming visual processing without the use of python?
Thank you

We have the python code running on a separate computer, a Raspberry Pi

I think the WPILib documentation does an ok job summarizing the problem and giving a few solution ideas: https://docs.wpilib.org/en/latest/docs/software/vision-processing/introduction/index.html

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