Where are teams staying?

I thought this would be kind of a fun thread to see which teams are staying where in St. Louis for Championships. It would be neat to find out if there were teams staying in the same hotel as you. Team 4666 and I are staying at the Millennium Hotel.

Team 2705 is staying at the Hyatt Regency at the arch!

Team 1868 is staying at the Hyatt at the Arch, the one with RoboProm.

FRC team 3574 will be staying at the Renaissance Grand Hotel :wink:

1540, the Flaming Chickens from Portland OR, will be at the Ramada Plaza downtown.

FIRST Team 45, the TechnoKats, plans to stay at the Ramada Plaza. It’s just across the street on the west side of the convention center.

Team 399 is also staying at the Hyatt Regency at the Arch, Home of the RoboProm!

Team 4063 TRikzR4kiDz will be staying at the Westin across from Busch Stadium!

Team Lambot 3478 is going to stay in the Crown Plaza

The Joker #4320 staying at the hilton at the ballpark

The i’z r g3tn old. It took me way too long to see that the team name is from a breakfast cereal. Way to avoid trademark infringement, 4063! :smiley:

Actually it started as a little joke with our FTC Team and Tetrix. Last year we got a call in November about starting an FRC Team and had 1 day to say yes and come up with a team name for registration. Thus TRikzR4kiDz was born and the bunny ears were soon to follow.

S.W.A.T. is staying the the St.Charles Hampton Inn.

FRc2826 Wave Robotics will be staying at the Drury Station.

230 will be at the Mayfair too!

Ramada Plaza. I’ll walk over and say hi to the CT teams at the Mayfair :smiley:

FRC 2910, Jack in the Bot, is staying at the Hilton at the Ballpark.

So…jesters and jokers will both be at the Hilton!

Team 781, the Kinetic Knights, will be at the Hilton by the ballpark (apparently, where all the laughs will be)

We also have a tentative booking at Charlie Gittos restaurant at 7pm on Friday night but it looks like not enough of our team want to go for us to get the pasta buffet, so if there are other teams interested in taking our booklng, let me know.

Aluminum Falcons, 2168, will be at the Crowne Plaza, also “at the arch.” Walk over there too.

Team 359 and 4158 will be staying at the Travelodge near the airport again.
We always have rental cars when attending FRC events in the mainland…it allows us to visit places in the host city.