Where are the Lone Star Videos on Blue Alliance?

Hey, this is my first year in robotics and i’m really enjoying all the fun and excitement. Quick question though…

where are the videos from the Lone Star Regional on Blue Alliance? I’m just wondering because i would like to look at our teams videos to look and see where we could improve.


http://www.thebluealliance.net/tbatv/event/2009tx, once they’re up. You can also search by team number and see other event videos of your team.

yah, its been quite a while and those videos aren’t up yet. Does anyone have an idea of when they might be posted? I was the hp so i really didnt watch much of our robot and i would like to see how it did

There is a good chance they may never be put out there. :frowning: They weren’t put up last year. In dallas the videos were done on the Sunday after the event.

It all depends if someone was there recording them and if they decided to post them online… if either of those conditionals is false then there’s a big chance you’ll be out of luck…

Just bug Kevin Sevcik (team 57) as his name is the one posted on FIRSTwiki for the event. :wink: