Where are the new sensors(2AA, YRG, GTS)??

Anyone else notice that they talk about the new gear tooth counter, Yaw Rate Sensor and 2-Axis Accelerometer in the manual (5.4.1) yet the don’t appear on the checklist of in our kits? They do include the sensor strip with the IFI equipment… Hmm?? Hopefully they’ll come later - We’re looking forward to playing with them.

The sensor strip is the 4 sensors, break the strip apart into 4 pieces and Voila!

Umm… That sensor strip IS all the sensors you talked about. The board is scored, and you break it up into your four different sensors. It confused me at first too.


[EDIT] Dang it! you beat me to it, but I’ll leave it for the link.

Heh I’m scared that i’ll break it :S

Why don’t you use the hydraulic press then? Kidding, Kidding…Please, I’m not responsible for any “stress tested” sensor panels

Scribe it some more with a utility knife. Eventually it will just break apart on its own.