where are VI's for Jaguar CAN?

Our programmer would like to learn about using CAN instead of PWM to command the Jags.

Can someone help kick-start us by directing us to the LabVIEW VIs for that?

Our programmer searched but could not find them.

Also, if anyone knows of any papers or other docs specifically about FRC LabVIEW&&CAN&&Jag a link would be most appreciated.

Thanks so much.


You can find information and the VI’s for Jaguar using CAN here.

I also highly recommend you read you the getting started for both the Gray and the Black Jaguars.

You will also need to make a serial to can adapter as described in the Getting Started for the Black Jaguar or the TooCan adapter from Andy Mark.

You will need to have the most current firmware loaded for each type of Jaguar.