Where are you FROM?

Just wanted to know where all the regulars of Chief Delphi are located… Have fun with the results! :smiley:

i’m from Indy:cool:

Long Island, NY here.

Germany - But I’ll still be here 'till June as an exchange student.

I wish they all could be California girls…!!!:wink:
California baby!!

Born in Santa Clara… I’ve lived in the same house in San Jose all 18+ years of my life…

Can you believe it? I was born & raised in Bridgeport, CT (yes, home of Bridgeport Machines :wink: ) until the age of three, when we moved to Watertown…lived there all my life…but I still have a soft spot for Bridgeport (and work there in the summers)

-Jessica B

Indiana wants me and I’m still there. Fort Wayne to be exact.

Wayne Doenges

I am here in wonderful sunny Seattle, Washington… whoa, I just said Seattle and sunny in the same sentence… isn’t that like a oxi-moron?

Am I FROM the place I lived for 19+ years (Los Angeles) or the place I have lived for the past 4 months going to college (Rochester, NY)

Kokomo, Indiana—about 50 miles north of Indianapolis

Unfortunately, Kokomo Indiana has little in common with the place described in the Beach Boys’ song with the name Kokomo.

Born in Los Angeles, CA… Now live in beautiful Manchester, NH.

I know this has nothing to do with this post but… I LOVE THOSE PATRIOTS!!! LET’S KEEP ROLLING

Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, I moved to beautiful, snowy Londonderry, New Hampshire when I was six weeks old.

Born in Washington and now residing in sunny california for college.

Watertown, CT is where I’m from, though I have a beautiful timeshare in between the 3rd and 4th layers of Hell… It’s actually quiet lovely this time of year…

Just kidding… I don’t own a timeshare… More like an appartment I rent during the summer…

I live in Redondo Beach, California 1/3 mile from the Pacific Ocean.
I was born and have lived in LA all my life.

In the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia! I love it here.

hmm, not many people know this, but i’m an International Student.

I’m from the Philippines, born and raised. I came here senior year of high school and learned about FIRST that year. Then I started my own team at college.

I’ll hopefully get a job after school to stay in the country.


Im from Kokomo, Indiana…and like Kit said it is about 50 miles north of Indianapolis, and again it isnt the same place the beach boys sang about

regretfully from indianapois, which is 50 miles south of kokomo, which has a song written about it… correct me if i’m wrong… :slight_smile: