Where are you guys going to college?

I applied to MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, and UMich (backup). I got into Berkeley and Umich. Due to the price of berkeley (40k vs 18k), I’m going to good ol’ University of Michigan - Ann Arbor…

So where are you guys going to college? :slight_smile:

Purdue. Great thing about it is it is only like two feet away.

I’m heading off to James Madison University this fall… look for me in the IT business program. I’m double majoring in Music and Business-- so that hopefully, one day, I’ll head up a label and take over the industry, muahahaha…


Two feet? So you plan to walk there?

Seriously, Purdue is an excellent choice. I usually advise students bound for West Lafayette to be ready to think until it hurts, but since you are a FIRSTer you have some experience with that already.

GO Blue!!! (begins song and dance to Hail! to the Victors)

Kansas State University

  • Mech E.

Carnegie Mellon University. If your interest is robotics, there’s no better place to go. (Though their FIRST partnership is weak compared to places like WPI or Purdue… I’ll have to work on that.)

i’ll be still in the good o’ state of florida under the sun by the pool…@ usf…okies so maybe i won’t always be near the pool but that’s okay

yay for usf! got into other great schools but i’m staying in florida

Going from cold CT to school in sunny florida

Eckerd College in St. Pete’s Florida…Marine Science/Biology!!

I already told Arefin he’s coming to visit me:p

I’m staying right here in good ol’ Canada :slight_smile:
Hoping to get into University of Waterloo or University of Toronto.

The REAL universiy of Utah:

Brigham Young University!! :smiley:


Clarkson University for me, so that means another 4 years on 229 for me. can’t wait to see how much better we get next year. And why did someone have to remind me that i’m going ot be a mentor not a student next year. wait does that mean i get to have more fun?

I currently go to Cal Poly Pomona. I believe there are three or four members from 968 there and another from 696 will be starting next fall. :slight_smile:

I applied to UMich, Stanford, and MIT as well, and was about to apply to Berkeley. I’ll be going to the UMich College of Engineering in the fall, and plan to study aerospace engineering and business management. (GO BLUE! :D)

Most likely the University of Western Ontario for Honors Business Management. Again, not exactly the traditional destination for a FIRSTer, but we seem to have built up a tradition of that lately. I’ll definitely be looking for opportunities to start up a program near there in the future. Hope to see some familiar faces there? =P