Where are you mounting the camera?

See the topic title. We’ve been having a huge argument about the merits of mounting it on the arm vs. mounting it on the bot itself.

Any advice would be helpful. :slight_smile:

We plan to mount it on the arm about 36" high. I am not sure why.

It seems to me that it makes more sense to mount in on your bot. If you mount it on the arm, the arm will be heavier, and the camera will be more likely to be in harms way.

  • Toby

We are mounting the camera on the bot. It will be protected better there.
You will probably be building a light weight arm so there will be some flex which means the camera will probably move about.
*throws $.02 at kitty who promptly swallows it :slight_smile:

Wayne Doenges
CAD Mentor

Good question. I will have to think about that…

edit:I was going to make a joke as to where we are going to mount our camera, but I think I need to ask a question on the FIRST Q&A before I say it. Because… my joke, may just become a true strategy!


However, (just cuz no one else has really defended the other point of view) up on the arm you have a better “view,” esp of the yellow triangles in the goals on the floor. (you can see it from farther away).
But in order to really worry about that, you hafta get the tetra first, which is higher. :ahh:

So have we. I think we decided to put it on the bot frame, out of harm’s way, esp cuz our arm extends, and its hard to get cables up there. altho that would have been cool. :]

aww!! Everyone, go watch the Q&A! What was it, camera on the wheels?
Jk. that wouldn’t work, lol. :eek:

Team 1351

We are probably going to mount are camera on the mast of our robot so that is can get a good birds I view of the field from about 4 ft up and yet still be stationary and protected.