Where are you planning to pick up cones from?

Where are you planning to get most of your cones from?
Bonus question to reply to: Why did you choose that option?

  • Double Substation (off the shelf)
  • Double Substation (from the floor)
  • Single Substation (catch as it slides out)
  • Single Substation (from the floor)
  • Staging marks
  • Anywhere else on the floor
  • Other
  • Not planning on picking up cones

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I am curious about where there might be congestion in the loading zone. Our team is currently thinking it might be best to try and catch cones out of the single station to try to avoid possible congestion at the double station.

@jovlett drew this up earlier, showing choke points and congestion and avoiding potential penalty. from the POV of blue alliance.


Our team is focused on as fast as possible so will be receiving from single substation

As an alliance, you should set a traffic pattern to minimize congestion at your own community. This will reduce cycle times, at least for conflicting with your own alliance partners. We would have goes-ins at the top of the charging station, and goes-outs at the bottom. (The goes-outs won’t be carrying a game piece, so running over the cable track has less risk of dropping a piece that way).


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