Where are you staying? (CMP)

Where is everyone staying?

1038 has decided to stay at the Millenium for our first trip to St. Louis

The Millenium is a great place with a nice view. With it being your first trip to St. Louis when is your team scheduled to arrive? FIRST Team 2902’s home town is St. Louis and we can meet up with you and just show you around town or offer good places to have fun. Food wise there are some great places downtown ( where you are staying ) and can offer advise wherever you decide to go.

We too will be competing in worlds so we will be glad to see you here!

Thanks to a well built robot and a bit of luck, my kid’s team was on the winning alliance at the Silicon Valley Regional, so we find ourselves in the market for hotel rooms. We have a chance to book some rooms at the Millennium; I’m worried because I checked on some of the online hotel review sites and quite a lot of people were unhappy with the place.

Does anyone have any more info about it, pro or con? nick_champ_2, since you are locals, you seem positive about it, is that based on people who have stayed there recently?


FRC Team 1501 is staying at the Crown Plaza near the airport.

Team 1023 is staying at the Drury Inn in Collinsville if we qualify for worlds!

FRC Team 3574 The High Tekerz are staying at the Renaissance Grand Hotel :smiley:

Team 293 will be staying at the Westin Inn right by Busch Stadium! This is our first trip to Champs since 2007 and we are all very excitied!

Team 48 is staying at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at the Arch, aka “Home of the Robo Prom”. :cool:

LiveWire stayed at the Millennium last year, and I personally had no problems with it. Nice rooms, a good pool, and a convenient location made it a good experience for us. I don’t know what the reviews may be citing for their negative experiences, but from my experience, I’d definitely be willing to stay there again. The thing I didn’t like was the lack of a free breakfast though :frowning:

Embassy Suites at the Airport. It’s closer than it seems when you consider that it’s right off I-70, which has an exit that comes out right by the dome, only about a 15-20 minute commute.

The best way to get to the dome, from the airport, is to stay to the far left and get onto the bypass lane. This way you miss all the on/off ramps. The first off ramp you get to is to the dome. Real fast commute.

2062 C.O.R.E. Robotics is staying at:

Sheraton Clayton Plaza Hotel
7730 Bonhomme Avenue
St. Louis, Missouri, 63105
Phone: 314.863.0400
Fax: 314.863.2398

My team isn’t staying any where special. We are going to the Holiday Inn Express on Lafayette road. Has anyone been here? any opinion on it?

706 will be staying at the Sheraton City Center Hotel

I’ll make sure our coach bus driver is aware. (Yes, we’ll have a coach bus. It’s technically an out of state “field trip”, so we are required to rent a coach bus.)

Clayton is a great part of town to stay in. It’s like a second (and smaller) Downtown St. Louis. It looks like you’ll be staying right by a Metrolink station too.

FRC Team 836 will be staying there as well!

Our couch booked us at the lumiere hotel.

Team 2949 PWNAGE will be staying at the Missouri Athletic Club. 1 block away from the dome, and it has a good breakfast, a billiards room, and this awesome lounge room.


I’ll be staying at the Hampton a couple blocks over from the dome, as a volunteer. Last year I was at the Holiday Inn Select, thought I can’t say too much about it… I think I spent about 20 hours total in the room in the 4 nights I was there haha