Where are you submitting Chairman's? (2011)

Hey! Since Chairman’s is due Thursday (at noon), I was wondering where your team was submitting for Chairman’s/hoping to start this thread for the 2011 year :slight_smile:

1089’s submitting at Washington, DC =)

Good luck!

2614 is submitting in Pittsburgh for the fourth time.

NOT Hawaii.:rolleyes:

And with that, you gave the teams in NYC and Vegas a momentary heart attack! :eek:

Come back to Chesapeake again, Glenn! We’d love to see you guys there again!


1014 is presenting at Buckeye again. (Four years running.)

2415’s submitting at Peachtree…again :slight_smile:

2655 is submitting to the NC Regional. It’s our second year submitting and it should be pretty interesting.

360 is presenting at the Seattle Cascade Regional.

1902 has submitted to the Palmetto Regional.

I suggested St. Louis but some people on my team said something or other about qualifying.

340 will present at Finger Lakes

No heart attacks here… :slight_smile:

Team 2265 will be submitting in NJ this year.

Team 395 is submitting at NYC.

Both teams are very excited! Make sure to keep a lookout for 2265’s Scavenger Hunt at both NJ and NYC! :smiley:

Team 1540 will be submitting in Oregon