Where Are You Volunteering?

Since FIRST events are ran mostly by volunteers, and a lot of users on here do so. I thought it might interesting to see what FIRST events people are planning on volunteering at.

I’m volunteering at the Finger Lakes FLL Regional event this weekend.
First time. :slight_smile:

I’ll be volunteering at a few FLL events this winter, and I hope to (in future years, probably) volunteer at championship, kickoff, and/or a regional or two.

I just volunteered last saturday at the TDSB East FLL Tournament. I’m heading to the VEX competetion being held in St. Catherines this coming Saturday :slight_smile: . Most of my time volunteering has been spent on FLL and a little bit of FTC and VEX. Mainly local FIRST related events.

Since the time i have joined FIRST in 2007, i’ve accumulated 40+ volunteering hours. This is not alot in comparison to many other people i know who’ve probably spent 100-150+ hours of volunteering in FIRST. I couldn’t imagine FIRST without volunteers.

Planning to volunteer in L.A. It’s the second year in a row that L.A. and my spring break coincide.

Reffing for my 3rd year and helping to coordinate volunteers at the NJ State FLL Tournament at Mt. Olive High School for the first time. December 13th should be fun. :slight_smile:

Not sure as of right now, but maybe volunteering at the NJ FTC Tournament (if I’m not coaching the FTC teams).

Hey, I’m helping out with FLL on the same day. I mentored a couple teams and it was pretty fun!

Definitely an enlightening experience. I’ve mentored FLL and FTC teams and it is a big difference there though, haha.

I’m volunteering at the MA state FLL tournament, held here at WPI.
I’m also volunteering for the CT regional for FRC next year.

Florida Regional

and if money/economy/pricing permits Championships (if i stay home, i get to go to FX Con so it’s a win win for me :smiley: )

San Diego - official scorer [not 100% solid on this yet, but its a 99% chance] lol
and maybe championship, not sure yet

All FLL tournaments held at Carmen Ainsworth (Genesee county) as a technical judge.

Most likely Kettering District event though I may end up working for Kettering instead.

Possibly Championship.

St. Louis-first year out of high school, first time :slight_smile: Although I am a bit worried about the class I’m going to miss…

This is my first year volunteering at FRC competition events. (I’ve done FTC and FLL before.)
I registered on VIMS, but haven’t gotten a confirmation of my position yet, so as of now I’m just assuming I’ll be volunteering at both the Boston and the Connecticut Regional this year.
Boston because I’m right here for college, Connecticut because it’s my home regional (20 minutes from my house) and it coincides with my spring break. It will definitely be cool to watch all those teams I once played with from the other end of things.

I’m on the planning committee for the UC Davis/Sacramento Regional. It helps when you go to school where the regional is being held :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be helping out a few of the phoenix-metro area teams, I also help out
The Arizona regional planning committee, and help out at the regional.

I’m going to volunteer for Robot Inspector for the Boilermaker Regional.
If we get to go to the Championship, I will volunteer for Robot Inspector there too.

I volunteered @ NJ, NYC, and Philly for Website Judge.
Would physically volunteer at Philly regional but it runs during Drexel finals. :mad:
Maybe next year.

My list of volunteering for this upcoming FRC season, & the remainder of this year (for both FLL & FTC) is pretty large as always.

Let’s just say, wherever & whenever I am needed, I’ll be there. :slight_smile:

So far for 2009 I’m signed up for the CT Regional.
I’m all official in VIMS for that already.
Horray for field set-up on Wednesday!

I may volunteer in some way or another in NYC '09 as well since my team is also attending that event, but I’m not certain yet.

Also, if I’m in Atlanta, I’ll be joining the volunteer crew there as well.

I’ve been volunteering at various (and numerous)* FIRST* events since 2001, & I’m not going to be stopping any time soon. :cool:

I’ve signed up for Buckeye and Championships. This year I’m going to plan early to go down there, even if my team isn’t going. I want to go down there sometime before I die.