Where can I download the competition software?

I am looking for where to download (if even publicly available) the software that is run at the events (in terms of scoring table and presentation stuff). I don’t know exactly what components make it up and can not seem to find any information on it at all. Thanks!

I am not sure. But I doubt it is public.

Here’s a start

A quick google search returned this software used by FLL in Minnesota: http://jpschewe.github.io/fll-sw/

Looks like this will do just about what you need if you’re running an event. I don’t believe FIRST even has an official software for this (at least from what I’ve seen) and most events just use a simple excel spreadsheet for doing this.

There is an “official” software released to FLL partners, but I don’t believe it’s for public consumption. (Not that there’s anything proprietary or confidential in it.)

I have developed “Public Consumption” software as it was recently put. It is a little different however. Here’s what goes down:

  1. Referee enters info on a phone or tablet connected to the internet (same boxes as paper forms)
  2. Score is auto calculated on a spreadsheet
  3. OPTIONAL Scorekeeper gets notified of any conflicting data entered and then can approve score
  4. Score is displayed on projector/TV etc.
  5. OPTIONAL Scorekeeper can print out scorecards for a paper record

We have been testing this at several tournaments and seems to be working great. While it is still public, we recommend allowing us to set it up for you so that we can also provide support. You can check out some of my other FLL work at fll16.jaredhk.com. If you are (or if anyone is) interested in using this at a tournament, let me know and I will get you set up!