Where can i find 10,000 lakes video?

I know that the lunacy 10,000 lakes comp. ended yesterday but i want to watch it NOW! so does any one know where i can get some video?!?

I lot of matches been recorded by our team. I’ll see if I can post them soon

The video isn’t up yet. I was told that 2574 was recording the video, but it takes some time to get it cut up and uploaded.

When the video is available it will be on The Blue Alliance.

MCN Metro Channel 6 will cable cast coverage of the final rounds of the FIRST Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional on Sunday April 12, from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. The event will be filmed live at the University of Minnesota’s Williams Arena on Saturday, April 4. MCN Metro Channel 6 is carried on all of the Twin Cities cable systems.

So if you want to record yourself you can also watch it there. :slight_smile:

I wonder if anyone recorded my Hero-bop dance?

Where there are cameras there is a recording!

Yea i bet lol i really want it i know i sounded awful because i lost my voice from screaming so much!

Nah, it sounded fine your voice was a little rough but I could hear you and understand what you were saying!

Would anybody be able to post information about the DVD’s that were being offered to be made of the entire competition for $20? I would be very interested in purchasing one.

I would love to buy one to!

I’ve got numerous requests from my friends and family for videos of the competition (and the final match :D) so that’s something I’m very much interested in.

As for TBA videos it normally takes a little while before they’re up. I wanna see them right now too, but we should give them some time.

Yeah i can wait (Muching on the edge of my pencil staring at a clock TicktockTick*tock… The maddness of it all):eek:

Who is offering the DVDs? I never heard of this! I would pay $40 for one!

Hi all, I’d love to see others videos too. I posted my 2 copies of the Hero bop dance on youtube.

I had a really great time, hope all of you did too!!!


Great videos, I saw myself! :smiley: great job! Can’t wait to see you guys again next year!



Cool i love it