Where can I find anderson power connector with acceptable minimum quantity

Hi everybody,

Like you, we received a flyer from Anderson power in our black tote.

I would like to know where I can buy some anderson power connectors (Powerpole serie) with minimum quantity of 1 - 10.

On the Anderson power website for Powerpole serie connector, the minimum quantity to buy is 200. More than we need for our robot :-).

Thank you


AndyMark sells them in a kit of 8.

Do you mean these? You should know that both SB50s and the PP series are commonly used in FRC, although only the SB50 is required.

As a note: make sure you buy red SB50s. We learned the hard way that gray SB50s don’t plug into red SB50s.

The guys at Powerwerx sell in the amount you need.




I think we order some from Andy Mark but this another source.

http://www.powerwerx.com/ Power Werx is in Southern California.

Andy Mark, Powerwerx, West Mountain Radio, Terminal Supply. The McMaster connectors are similar/equivalent but are not marketed as Anderson.

Thank you everybody for your fast and good replies.

Good luck


robotcombat.com also has them in their store, and you can get many colors for the smaller individual power pole connectors. If you decide to use power poles, get the nice crimper for them, it will cost you about $50 but it is worth it for the job that it does. Also order more contacts than you need because you will mess a few up getting started.

These are not actual andersons but cheaper copies.

Mouser: Housings (~30cents)and Pins (~ 6 cents)

Amazon is a good source for a lot of things, especially Amazon Supply(formerly known as Small Parts).

Here is the 100 pack we ordered a few weeks back. They also have smaller packs, 50 and 10.

I bought a bunch of them at:


Polar Wire in Anchorage Alaska. You can get the Red Connector and much better Anderson Power Plug Pins. These are much better Pins than what Andy Mark sell. I got our Team all new Pins and much better 6 Ga. wire for PolarWire.com Good Price too and no sales tax.