Where can I find camera tracking code for Java?

My team has installed NetBeans and updated for FRC files without using the provided CD.

We’ve searched for the CircleTrackerDemo code, but cannot find it. Can someone please help me find this code? It will hopefully give us some idea of how the camera code will work in Java.


File -> New Project -> Scroll to Samples then FRC Java Your choice will be their.

Under New Project -> Samples -> FRCJava, I found the TrackerDemo project. However, it appears to be for Lunacy’s vision target, instead of the Breakaway target demo. Also, the copyright is 2008, while for Breakaway it would probably be 2009.

Can this be found online, or is the TrackerDemo project the right one?

Thank you for any help.

Are you sure you installed the plugins from the right update site? http://first.wpi.edu/FRC/java/netbeans/update/updates.xml

Well, since we did the beta test, I suspected that demo was left over from the beta. Therefore, I checked the URL, it hadn’t changed, and NetBeans didn’t find any updates.

However, randomly, I suddenly got a message that there were six updates available (after looking for them in Tools -> Plugins.) I updated, and got the code.

Now, I just need to check for v19 of the cRio image (I thought we were updated, but apparently not.)

Thank you for your help.