Where can i find specifically the Power up "start up" sound that starts at the beginning of autonomous?

It would be great if I could find an up to date library of the sounds played during the match. I really think if I could find them then i could make a few ringtones. Previous CD posts have said to check the driver station, but they are all the generic sound effects. Can anyone help me find them?

Not sure try this…

Said sound should be part of the off-season FMS, I believe.

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FMS Sounds 2018.rar (1.0 MB)

Here are all of the 2018 sounds that I was able to obtain.
If I say a sound is unused, I mean it is unused in the 2018 FMS.

CHARGE: Played at the beginning of the match
3BELLS: Played at the beginning of Teleop
ENDMATCH: Played at T minus 0
Fanfare: Unused sound… not sure what it was used for, if anything
FOGHORN: Match pause sound
Logo: Intro to match results
MatchStart_Startup: This was played during the scale/switch randomization.
PowerUp_LinearPop: Played when a powerup is used
SHUTDOWN: Unused, unfinished, not sure why it’s in there
TimeToRun: Don’t know what this is. Unused. Might be a cut cue sound?
WARNEOM: Endgame sound. Interesting name.

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Warn end of match - warnEOM

That makes sense, thanks


Some are the same, some are different. I don’t have the 30-second warning sound from 2019 yet.

I believe this is the same sound as the DS endgame sound.


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