Where can I find the 2012 java Crio image?

Where can I find the 2012 java Crio image? It is not under the java update or crio section on first forge

It should be in the following directory if you installed the required FRC tools.


I was looking for this for a while too. If you install the FRC tools from the NI USB drive then it should be in the location listed in the previous post. I searched forever on the website and never found it.

The NI USB is in a sealed packet that looks like it would have a CD in it, but it actually has a flat USB drive in it. (At least that’s what ours looked like)

The image is v43 currently. Make sure you download the utilities update before you try to use the cRIO imaging tool, it kept throwing up errors until we updated.

You’ll need to install the NI Utilities Update. Then you should find a new imaging tool (Start->All Programs->National Instruments->LabVIEW 2011) and it should have cRIO image v43. You set your language preference within the imaging tool.

I’ve been looking for the NI USB Stick. I never thought to open the sealed DVD envelope. Where I would find the USB device.

Now my issues are that I’ve performed all of the installs in the wrong order. Plus I’ve registered Windows. Should I flash the Classmate again?

Strangely, the new image appeared only after we updated netbeans. Either way, we have it now.

The images for each language are supplied by the language installers.


Just a note that I did not have to re-flash the Classmate. We did have to delete the CanJaguar statement from the ni-rt.ini file though. Also had to have all the switches on the cRIO set to off.

2 Weeks and 5 Team Meetings to get one cRIO ready. Plus this required taking the cRIO home to use broadband without the school’s or work’s firewall. All this time is without working with the students which is why I donate my time. Nough said.