Where can I find the FRC Toolkit for 2012?

I’m at a loss to what to do.

What FRC toolkit are you looking for? (ex. driver station, utilities, Autodesk, PTC, etc.)

I should clarify that I am looking for the animation toolkit.

That’s still pretty vague… Are you looking for software? Part models?

You can go to autodesk.com/first for autodesk and http://www.catalogds.com/db/service?d=first&c=browseI for PTC.

Hi Mongai -

If you go to www.autodesk.com/first and select the “2012 Awards” tab, you’ll find the following information:

•3D Animation – The 2012 Challenge, Resources and Rules
◦NEW: Full details on this year’s challenge, including official rules and contest description ->

◦NEW: View our learning content on our Digital STEAM site that teaches you how to create a 30-sec animation from start to finish. Download the Project Videos (over 60 videos in total!) and Project Files where you’ll find storyboard templates, character rigs and much, much more! -> http://curriculum.autodesk.com/student/public/Level3/overview/project_id/34

All the information about the contest is in the rules, including the description, and the iiko rigs and storyboard templates can be found in the Digital STEAM learning content.

You can also join our Facebook group where we try and answer all the questions related to the contest in a timely manner:

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