Where can I find the New York City regional live broadcast recording?

I’m trying to find the New York City regional live record, but I couldn’t find the live record for 2023 anywhere. I was able to find the live record of even 2019, but there is no 2023, what should I do?

Check Twitch? I think a lot of FIRST events are recorded there.

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ı tried but it didnt work for me

There are videos of the NYC (and other) event matches here:

Here is the collection of NYC matches:

For example here is the Overtime match:

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ı want to see all day live record .I will make a clip of the awards ceremony.

I don’t see any of the awards recordings, just the matches.

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Even 2019 was recorded , but 2023 was not recorded, this is strange

Pretty sure FIRST stopped recording the events after 2020 for copyright issues with twitch. Wish they brought it back.

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The organized sort of each match should have hyperlinks on the TOA page for each match in the leftmost column with a play button icon in it. Of course if you want to scroll through hundreds of matches trying to find a specific one on the FRC YouTube channel, that’s always an option as well.

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I dont need to match videos. I need to award ceremony but thank you for your answer

Give it a couple weeks, I assume some teams recorded it and will post it. If not, Idk where it could be accessed honestly.

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