where can i get accelerometer?

I need help. One of our mentors who went to pick up the KoP “misplaced” the accelerometer:eek: . I went to the analog site and checked all the distributors they had listed and none of them had it in stock. The shortest time before they got it in stock was arrow electronics in 1-2 weeks. We were hoping some one knew of a store or company that would have it in stock. We need to get it as soon as possible, because we are starting to do electrical and programming.

Thanks for your help

It is my understanding that the accelerometer was left out of all kits this year, and was mailed out a couple of weeks ago. We got ours around then.

Sparkfun is always a good bet.

Each team only received one accelerometer and, even though many teams will not be using them, it is unlikely that they would give theirs away until robot development is completed.

An alternative is to purchase an accelerometer from another manufaturer as a COTS part. A good example is Spark Fun(there are many others).



EDIT: Mr. Bill posted while I was typing… Same advise…

As already pointed out, try Sparkfun or Vex Robotics first.

Or, go to your local Radio Shack, as most of their stores now sell robotics sensors in the electronics bins. I’ve seen both accelerometers and ultrasonic range finders there, although their prices are a bit higher than what you could get at Sparkfun.

I’ve always been a fan of ripping apart previous years robots so if you still have last years you should be able to use that.

Like this year’s accelerometer board, the ones supplied in previous years were custom-made for that year’s Kit of Parts, and were never commercially available. <R32>B makes them illegal for use on a 2009 FRC robot.

Sorry I was thinking the rule was applied like

<R33> FABRICATED ITEMS from ROBOTS entered in previous FIRST competitions shall not be used on ROBOTS in the 2009 competition.

where you can take scraps of previous years robots, but not whole mechanisms.

thanks for the help.
we found a slightly older version on sparkfun we are going to order
its PN ADXL 330 in case anyone is curious